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5 tips to train your brain in the gym

Of course, you mainly go to the gym to sweat a bit. And maybe you want to think little and just give everything. Training not only your muscles but also your brain in the gym has many advantages. And we don't mean the mind-muscle connection.

By activating your brain and choosing a conscious focus you forget about your other worries, and an alert and sharp brain ensure that you can train more efficiently. Discover 5 ways to put your brain to work at the gym.

1. Train your brain on the treadmill

You can train your brain in many different ways. One of them is visualization. If you use the treadmill or cross-trainer as a warm-up for your strength training, it is important that you not only warm-up physically but also mentally. Visualizing your workout and physical goals shifts your focus from work to training. As a result, your focus during your training will be much greater.

brain training

If you've planned an entire cardio workout, you'll have plenty of time to put your brain to work. You can visualize your physical, but also all your other goals. Just think of financial or relational goals. And once you're done with that, you can listen to a podcast or watch an interesting documentary while working up a sweat.

2. Try a new skill

You mainly train your brain by teaching yourself new things. By occasionally adjusting your routine with an exercise you don't know yet, you put your brain to work.

Each new exercise takes you out of your comfort zone and requires extra focus. But if you want to take maximum advantage of this effect, it is best to say goodbye to the fixed devices and be open to calisthenics. Don't panic, you don't have to do breakneck feats right away. But exercises with your body weight, without the help of fixed fitness equipment, require much more coordination and focus.

Some exercises that you can try as a beginner are the push-up, walking lunges, and the trx row. If you want to challenge yourself a little more, you can try the Turkish get-up, that exercise puts both your brain and your whole body in knots.

3. Circuit training

In addition to the exercises themselves, the way you approach your training is also important. Instead of sticking to the standard "3 sets per exercise with 1-minute rest", you can challenge yourself with circuit training. Circuit training is ideal for your strength endurance and therefore fits into almost any training schedule. Your strength endurance lays the foundation for training on muscle mass and absolute strength.

Come up with 10 exercises that you can perform consecutively. Give yourself as a little rest as possible so that you have to keep your brain sharp. With a little luck, you will forget the pain in your muscles by paying attention to your circuit.

Group lessons are especially ideal for this. The pace is quite high and you really have to pay attention to stay on track. Ideal for training not only those muscles but also your brain.

4. Use a training plan

Training your brain in the gym also has a positive effect on your training results. Powerlifters in particular like to train according to a tight schedule. By carefully writing down your training weights and using that to calculate what your ideal weights are for next time, you maximize your training potential and develop your brain.

5. Listen to a podcast

Chatting with other athletes in the gym is nice, but unfortunately, it often throws you out of your rhythm. Isolating yourself by blasting loud music through your ears isn't always what you won't either.

To motivate yourself, you can listen to an interesting podcast about nutrition, training or a healthy lifestyle. Immersing yourself in healthy themes will train your brain to make healthier choices. Knowledge is power, and the more insight you gain into your training process, the more motivated you are and the more efficient you can organize your training sessions. This in turn ensures a positive spiral of success and motivation!!

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