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Cardio exercises: the 12 best guides for you

Improving your fitness can make your daily life a bit more pleasant. For example, think of no more panting when you run up the stairs or not getting out of breath at work when you ride a bike. Performing cardio exercises will positively contribute to your fitness, making it easy for you to handle the same type of effort next time.

In this blog, we tell you more about the effect of cardio exercises on fat burning and we give you 12 cardio exercises that, if you perform them structurally, can absolutely improve your condition.

Cardio exercises for fat burning

If you want to lose weight, it is of course always a good choice to exercise more, but you should not compensate for this by eating more. You will only lose weight if you eat fewer calories than you burn. By doing cardio exercises you will burn more calories and if your diet also remains the same as the period when you did not perform this exercise, you will most likely lose weight.

Many different studies show that performing cardio exercises contributes to weight loss. For example, a 2013 study that followed 141 overweight and obese people also concluded this. Those who performed cardio exercises for 10 months, five days a week, and who continued to follow the same diet, all lost weight. The group that burned 400 calories per workout eventually lost between 3.9kg and 4.9kg. The group that burned 600 calories per workout lost between 5.2kg and 5.6kg.

And there are plenty of other studies that show that performing cardio exercises can bring all kinds of health benefits. We will not discuss these studies one by one here, as that is not the reason you started reading this blog.

Of course, you want to know the 12 best cardio exercises. Read on to find out which exercises these are and how to perform them.

Cardio exercises

The 12 Best Cardio Exercises

We have made a selection of cardio exercises that will all contribute positively to your condition. You can perform these exercises separately as a warm-up before a workout, but you can also combine them and make it a fun and intensive cardio workout. Are there any exercises that you, for whatever reason, cannot perform? Don't worry, with 12 exercises there are always enough that you can perform. Read the 12 best cardio exercises here:

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are one such cardio exercise that will not only improve your fitness but also strengthen your core. Your starting position is the same as that of a push-up. Keep your core engaged and your back straight. First, bring your right knee towards your chest and then move it back to the starting position. Then repeat this with your other leg and keep doing this back and forth. Have you mastered it? Then move faster and faster and keep this up for several sets of, for example, 20 or 30 seconds.

Jumping rope

Ah, an old classic cardio exercise: jumping rope. You can use any kind of skipping rope and in principle, it is even fine without skipping rope. If you do have a skipping rope, grab it firmly and jump! You can mix it up with occasional cross swings, raising your knees while jumping, or double-twisting during one big jump.

Are you not good at jumping rope or could you use a refresher course on how best to jump rope? Then watch the video below.


This exercise was invented many years ago by someone whose last name was Burpee, hence the name Burpees. In this exercise, you start standing up. You then move down into a squat position, place your hands on the floor and jump your legs back. You can then do another push-up, but some variations of this exercise omit it.

Then you jump forward again and return to the starting position in the same way. It is still possible to add a jump to this and to throw your arms in the air while jumping. Burpees are undoubtedly one of the most well-known cardio exercises, simply because they are very effective.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks' starting position is very simple; you just have to stand up straight, with your arms at your sides. Then you jump out with both legs. So you move your right leg to the right and your left leg to the left. So you do this while making a jump. At the same time, raise both arms in a swinging motion until they come above the head. Keep a pace that you could describe as pleasantly intensive.

Dribbling in place

If you're looking for cardio exercises that are easy to perform, so without a lot of fuss, dribble is the exercise for you! Place small mini cards where you stand. So you don't move forwards or backward. You can determine the intensity yourself. For example, try alternating 20 seconds of gentle dribbling with 20 seconds of vigorous dribbling.

skate jumps

Skaters are always very fit and in top condition. That doesn't just happen. They will of course do various cardio exercises, but the skating itself will take up most of the time. Skating jumps are therefore a great exercise for more explosiveness in the legs and for training your condition.

Basically, you make the same movement you would make when you are skating, but just on the floor. Also, use your arms to swing along. This way you make the movement more natural and you also burn extra calories.

knee lifts

We are probably all familiar with knee lifting. This exercise is often used in warm-up routines, for example, playing football or running. The exercise is very simple to perform and can be made even easier by extending your hands and moving your knees against them. You can determine the pace yourself, but to make it intensive you can alternate the fast with a somewhat slower pace.

shadow boxing

Shadowboxing is extremely intensive and should not be missing from this list of cardio exercises. You can mix it up by doing all kinds of different punches. Think of bumps, corners, and bumps. You can also alternate the punches by punching low or high and of course by alternating with which arm you perform the punch. You must also use your legs during shadowboxing. If you want some tips on how to perform a good cardio workout through shadow boxing, watch the video below.

climbing stairs

Do you have stairs at home or does your apartment complex have a stairwell? Then you can definitely train your fitness by running up and down the stairs. This is a very simple way to strengthen your legs and improve your fitness.

You can also vary the pace of climbing stairs to relax and increase the pace every now and then

split jumps

The split jump may be one of the lesser-known cardio exercises, but that doesn't make it any less effective. In the split jump, you jump in place, alternating with which leg you jump forward and which leg you jump back with. For example, you start with a jump with your right leg forward and with your left leg back. Once you land, lower your front leg until your knee is bent 90 degrees. Then jump back up and switch your legs during the jump.

Lateral side jumps

This cardio exercise may look a little funny, but it's a great exercise to train your condition. The lateral side jumps are really just small jumps with both your legs, from left to right. You can draw a line on the ground that you have to jump over. This way you know for sure that you jump far enough and that you are not unconsciously jumping all over the room or garden.

Standing / alternating toe tapers

We are already at the last exercise in this list of the 12 best cardio exercises. The standing toe taps have the honor of closing this list. You are supposed to do this exercise with a small elevation in front of you. Think of a step, a football, a kettlebell, etc. Tap the object in front of you very lightly with your right foot.

Then place this foot back in front of the object, while you now tap the object with your left foot. Increase the tempo as you tap around the object with your feet. You can also vary the speed here to make it more intensive every now and then.

Do cardio exercises at home

You probably already knew it while reading all these cardio exercises, but they are only suitable for doing at home. You don't need anything for this except yourself on a flat surface. In an exceptional case, a staircase and a skipping rope are still useful, but it is not necessary to have good cardio training.

You can do all these cardio exercises at home, but you can also choose to add some of these to your warm-up, for example running. You can also add them to a homemade circuit workout. The possibilities are very diverse, so feel free to get creative about what you will use these cardio exercises for.

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