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Improve posture: tips and exercises

Long days at the computer are not as taxing on your body as heavy physical work, but they can be very harmful to your muscles and joints. Many people with an office job, therefore, struggle with complaints in their neck, shoulders, or back. Taking steps to improve your posture is often the only way to prevent the symptoms from getting worse or coming back. But how do you do that?

In this blog, we explain how you can improve your posture through useful tips and exercises. Could your attitude use some improvement? Then be sure to read on.

Why is good posture important?

First of all, of course, we need to know why it is so important to have a good posture. The answer is actually quite simple, namely the prevention of complaints. When you adopt an unnatural position, there is (unconsciously) a lot of pressure on your spine. This can result in chronic pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and even your hips or knees. Headaches can also be a result of poor posture.

Improve posture

By improving your posture, many such complaints can be reduced or gone. Also, a better posture can not only result in a reduction of these complaints, but it also has other benefits. Think of a more confident feeling and a more alert and motivated appearance. Enough reasons to take a serious look at improving your posture.

How can you improve posture?

Once you're dealing with problems due to bad posture, it's important to take them seriously. You can do this in several ways. Below we have elaborated on the three most common ways that one can use to improve posture and thus reduce the existing complaints.


A remedial therapist initially focuses his pillars on the cause of the problem. In this case, that will be a bad attitude. You can see how you sit on a daily basis and why this causes complaints. A treatment program is then prescribed on the basis of this. For example, you will most likely be given exercises to perform at home and then discuss how the progression is progressing in future sessions.


A physiotherapist can not only prescribe you a treatment plan but in many cases will also carry it out with you. For example, the therapist can first reduce the complaints by means of massages, after which you perform exercises in a subsequent session that ensure that your posture improves.


You can also improve your posture in a third way. This is possible by performing fitness exercises yourself that ensure that you naturally adopt a better posture. Such exercises will probably not just melt away the complaints like snow in the sun, but can certainly ensure that they do not come back or less quickly. More information about which exercises you can do to improve your posture can be found further on in this blog.

Tips to improve your posture

Do you notice during the day that your posture is not correct and do you want to be able to do something about it immediately? Then the tips below may be a solution for you. With a number of small adjustments in your daily life, you can pay close attention to your posture and prevent possible complaints.

Below we have elaborated a number of simple tips that you can apply in your daily life. If you really want a long-term solution, it will be a good choice to also perform exercises that contribute to an improved posture.

Feet flat on the ground

If you are sitting, for example at work, it is wise to place your feet flat on the floor. By doing this you unconsciously sit in a more natural way. There is not as much pressure on your hips or pelvis as if you were sitting with your legs crossed. Less pressure means a smaller chance of an injury, which means that you are less likely to experience pain.

shoulders down

Not only when sitting, but also when standing or walking it is good to keep the shoulders down. Many people unconsciously keep their shoulders quite high, causing constant tension between the shoulder blades. This can cause pain in, for example, the shoulders, but also the neck. To prevent these complaints, it is therefore wise to keep your shoulders down and to relax completely.

Keep your back straight

Of course, you can't improve your posture without being critical of how you keep your back. During the day we often walk and sit with a bent back. Now, this is of course not a bad thing, but when this is long-term, it can just cause problems. So try to keep your back straight, regardless of whether you are sitting, walking, or standing.

chest forward

The moment you push your chest forward, your shoulders automatically drop. You also keep your back straight. That's why it's good practice to push your chest forward slightly, both when walking and when standing or sitting. Pushing your chest forward also gives you a more confident and active posture.


When you look down a lot by default, you also tend to arch the top of your back. So try to keep your chin up. For example, do you work a lot on a laptop? Then there is a good chance that your head is constantly lowered and you unconsciously pull your shoulders forward and upwards. So pay extra attention to this, so that you don't sit behind your screen in this way for several hours a day.

Check the height of your desk

Many people sit behind desks that are actually too high. This means that your arms cannot hang neutrally along your body and your shoulders are forced up. So this is not an ideal position. Is your desk too high? Then set it a bit lower. Is it not possible to lower your desk? In that case, raise your seat. And if it is no longer possible to put your feet flat on the ground? Then you can use a step for that.

Exercises to improve your posture

Contrary to what some people think, improving your posture isn't that easy. It is a process that can take a long time and also takes quite a bit of effort. The above tips are a quick improvement, but of course, you want a long-term solution. The exercises below strengthen your entire torso and thus contribute to a better posture throughout the day.

(Front) Squats

Both the back squat and the front squat are exercises that can make a significant contribution to your posture. You not only strengthen your legs with it but also your abs and back muscles. By strengthening these muscles you will automatically adopt a more natural posture.


The deadlift is an exercise in which good posture is very important. Many people think that you only train your back muscles with the deadlift, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your entire upper body and even your legs and buttocks are trained. You build a stronger foundation, which results in improving your posture.

Barbell Rows

With barbell rows, it is very important to push your shoulder blades inward while performing the exercise. In this position, you will train your back muscles, among other things. By developing your muscles with this, you will automatically adopt a more correct posture.

Overhead Press

When you perform the overhead press standing up, you will soon notice that there is a lot of tension on your waist. This makes it a perfect exercise to improve your posture. By performing this exercise regularly, you will not only become stronger in your shoulders, but also in your abs and back. In the long term, you can notice the positive effect of this in your attitude.

And now get started on improving your posture!

We can conclude that the best choice is therefore to perform exercises for better posture. This is the most effective way to give your body a natural and healthy posture. If you are already struggling with complaints, you can certainly visit a specialist to help you get rid of those complaints.

Keep in mind that this is the cure for the problem and not the prevention. Therefore, invest in yourself and strengthen your body through strength training with exercises that contribute to a good and correct posture.

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