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Is pea soup healthy?

At the time of writing this blog, the outside is slowly starting to get colder and wetter. In times of grayer weather, many people eat differently. Think of stew, kale, and especially pea soup. Many people are concerned with their health and wonder what the consequences of this change in their diet will be. This brings us to the question of whether pea soup is healthy.

In this blog we will discuss different types of pea soup and whether they are healthy or not. This way you know where you stand if you consume a delicious bowl of soup in the winter months.

What is pea soup?

The soup is also called snert and has been a popular winter dish for many years. The short answer to the question of what it is exactly is quite simple, namely: pea-based soup. However, it naturally consists of many more ingredients.

Usually, split peas are used in pea soup and not peas. Other commonly used ingredients are celeriac, celery, (winter) carrot, and leek. Meat is also added, such as pork chop or smoked sausage.

In some cases, potato is also added to give the soup a thicker structure. The soup is often eaten in combination with rye bread. Pea soup can therefore be seen as a real meal soup. This means that if you eat a large bowl of soup, you don't really need to eat anything else for that meal.

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Ingredients at a glance

Here we have listed the most common ingredients that are used in making pea soup. Since the recipe is so old and has been adapted many times, it is natural that your homemade variant contains other ingredients.

Standard ingredients Ingredients sometimes used
split peas Broth
celeriac Carrot or carrot
Celery Onion
leek potatoes
shoulder Chops Garlic
Smoked sausage breakfast bacon
Bay leaf
Rye bread

In addition, rye bread with bacon is often eaten in addition to the soup. If you don't like it, you can of course omit it.

What Makes Pea Soup Healthy?

What makes pea soup healthy is the number of vegetables and legumes in one serving. As you can see from the ingredients, the soup is packed with peas, celeriac, celery, and leeks. One portion of the soup and you immediately get a good amount of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, split peas contain a lot of fiber. Rye bread, which is often eaten as a side dish, is also full of fiber. Not only does fiber contribute to the correct functioning of your digestive system, but it also quickly makes you feel full. So if you eat a lot of fiber, you will feel full faster. As a result, you may just eat less. In addition, pea soup also contains quite a bit of protein. This also depends on how much meat you add.

In addition, pea soup contains a lot of water. We know that it is important to drink enough water. This, like the fibers, also ensures a full feeling. The high amount of water, therefore, provides a fuller feeling, without consuming extra calories. This all contributes to why pea soup is healthy.

What makes pea soup unhealthy?

As in many situations, we can always look at it from a different point of view. We just explained why pea soup is healthy. Here we explain when this is not the case.

Many types of pea soup contain bacon or smoked sausage. Such meats not only contain a lot of fat, but also a lot of salt. Now, this can't hurt for once, but too much salt intake happens a lot faster than you think. Even if stock is used, the soup will contain a lot of salt.

If you would like a healthier version of the standard pea soup, choose lean smoked sausage and replace or remove the bacon. Also, it is not necessary to use both. Not using this will reduce the amount of salt in a bowl of soup. This will of course affect the taste of the soup.

Different types of pea soup

Not every pea soup is the same, so not every pea soup is healthy. We discuss here three different types and to what extent they are healthy or not. Of course, this still depends on the ingredients used, but the explanation below will be applicable in most situations.

Homemade pea soup

If you would like to eat pea soup that is healthy, then the choice will quickly fall on homemade pea soup. When you choose to make the soup yourself, you can decide for yourself which ingredients you use. This way you can omit the unhealthier products, such as fatty bacon. You can also add some extra vegetables yourself. Homemade pea soup also does not contain any unhealthy additives, because you use fresh ingredients yourself.

Would you like pea soup that is healthy? Then you would do well to prepare it yourself.

Is canned pea soup healthy?

Processed products are almost always less healthy than unprocessed products. Canned pea soup contains additives that give the product much longer shelf life. Just take a look at the label and you'll see that the soup contains many more ingredients than your homemade version. Canned pea soup also often contains a lot of salt and sometimes even added sugars.

All in all, we would not label canned pea soup as healthy. If you don't have time to make your own soup and you would like to eat pea soup, it certainly doesn't hurt to eat canned soup.

Vegetarian pea soup

If you buy vegetarian canned pea soup, you still have the same problem for the most part as with regular canned pea soup. Do you make the soup yourself? Then you can certainly make the pea soup healthy. For example, you can make these completely without meat, but you can also opt for vegetarian smoked sausage instead of (lean) smoked sausage. You can also add some extra vegetables instead of meat, such as pumpkin. So if you choose to prepare your vegetarian pea soup yourself, we can safely say that you can make a healthy soup.

So, is pea soup healthy or not?

We come to the end of this blog and of course the most important question: is pea soup healthy? All in all, we dare to say that pea soup is healthy. Please note that we are referring to the homemade version. You can simply add a lot of vegetables and use fewer 'unhealthy' products. This way you can make a delicious and healthy soup yourself.

Canned pea soup is not something we would call very healthy. This is due to all the added ingredients and the high salt content. Of course, this does not mean that you should never eat this soup. But, if you have the choice between homemade soup and canned soup, then we know the choice.

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