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Grounding yourself: how does it work? (10 benefits)

Grounding yourself is something that has come under increasing attention in recent years. Although you can also give it a spiritual meaning, it is also a purely physiological process that is important for our health. Man has evolved in constant contact with the earth which turns out to be very important for the body. Discover what grounding yourself means and what benefits it has for your health.

The Origin of Earths

Man has literally evolved along with the earth and its electro-magnetic field. By walking around barefoot all day and sleeping on the floor at night , we kept our body in balance.

In modern times, however, this connection to the Earth has been lost. We all wear shoes, live in concrete houses and hardly ever get out into nature. If we do take a nature walk, we put on sturdy rubber walking shoes.

Many of our diseases of civilization have complex causes. Stress , lack of sleep and poor nutrition have an immense impact on our health. A lack of grounding also contributes to many lifestyle diseases.

Grounding yourself: how does it work? (10 benefits)

How does grounding work?

Grounding yourself is a process where you literally discharge. All our body cells use oxygen to produce energy . No matter how wonderfully our body works, oxidation also occurs in all body processes, which creates harmful substances: free radicals .

These free radicals are positively charged electrons or protons. In order to balance these protons try to bind to everything they encounter, which causes inflammation and many lifestyle diseases as a result.

By eating healthy and eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking green tea , you get a lot of antioxidants, just think of vitamin C. These antioxidants make the free radicals partly harmless.

Another way to neutralize the free radicals is to ground yourself. The earth is a huge source of negative electrons. By coming into contact with the earth for a while you bring your body tension back into balance.

Why ground?

When you are properly grounded you rid yourself of the body tension that damages every body cell.

By coming into contact with the natural battery of the earth you experience physical and mental balance again. Your organs, muscles and tissues can relax and recover. You will feel fitter and more vital again and help prevent diseases of affluence.

Grounding also makes you stronger mentally. You are also figuratively more firmly in your shoes. You are less likely to get upset and you are more decisive.

10 benefits of grounding yourself

  • Less tension in your body and therefore less stress.
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Less inflammation. Inflammation is the source of countless diseases of affluence!
  • Protection against electromagnetic radiation (EMS)
  • You stay long longer due to the anti-oxidative effect
  • A stronger immune system
  • Support of the hormonal balance
  • Protection against all kinds of electro-pollution
  • Reduced chance of burnout
  • Helps against muscle pain and joint pain
  • A more relaxed nervous system ensures better and deeper sleep
  • Faster recovery after an injury or hard workout

Ways to ground yourself

Let's not make it harder than it is. To ground yourself, all you need to do is take off your shoes as often as possible and be in direct contact with the earth. You can do that by walking barefoot in your garden . Combine it with a meditation or yoga and you will be fully charged physically and mentally again by discharging, are you still following?
grounding sheet

Try the earth as much as possible in nature. This way you also reap all the other benefits of nature. In addition, you can also discharge at night with, for example, an earthing sheet.

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