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12 How To Grow Muscle Fast At Home

How To Grow Muscle Fast. The goal of bodybuilding is to build as much muscle mass as possible while gaining as little body fat as possible. Some people spend years building muscle and others never seem to succeed.

Fortunately, getting more lean muscle isn't rocket science, you just need to know the basics and stick to them.

Contrary to popular belief, strength training alone is not enough to become wider and stronger. You can build muscle quickly in the gym as well as in the kitchen.

In this blog, you will read 12 effective tips and tricks on How To Grow Muscle Fast in a natural way.

Doesn't seem to work with growing muscle and could you use some extra help?

I'm going to explain it to you, so read on.

How To Grow Muscle Fast

12 Powerful Tips for Building / How To Grow Muscle Fast

What you will learn today includes:

  • Which exercises do you  want to do as a starting strength athlete to quickly build muscle mass 
  • What you can learn as a bodybuilder from a Greek wrestler who lived more than 2000 years ago
  • What you want to do before bed to maximize your muscle growth
  • 4 reasons why you want to find a training buddy today
  • What's the Best Time of Day to Exercise (It's Not What You Think It Is)
  • And much, much more.

What You Need To Know About Muscle Growth

After an intense workout, your body repairs the damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process.

Your body needs sufficient building materials such as proteins for this.

Proteins are broken down into amino acids that build and maintain muscle tissue and new cells.

Muscle growth occurs when the rate of protein synthesis (the process of making new proteins) exceeds the rate of muscle breakdown.

This process does not take place during your workout but during the rest period.

The process of protein synthesis is influenced by the amount of protein your body receives and the damage your muscle tissue has suffered during training.

If you decide to stop exercising, your body will eventually undo the muscle growth - caused by strength training - and break down the muscle proteins produced because there is no longer a need for this amount of muscle mass.

The lack of resistance (strength training) is not the only factor that causes muscles to break down, also insufficient protein intake ensures that the body can no longer maintain dry muscle tissue.

 You can quickly build muscle in all kinds of methods that I will describe below.

Tip: #1 Build Muscle With Compound Exercises

So you want to build muscle fast? Let me give you a good tip to start with: focus first on compound exercises.

It can often be frustrating for novice strength athletes when they find out that it turns out to be quite difficult to build muscle mass in a short time.

Compound exercises are also known as compound exercises.

The compound exercises primarily target the largest muscle groups of the body to build muscle mass.

It's nice if, as a beginner, you mainly focus on your biceps, but it's totally ineffective for building mass quickly.

Also for experienced bodybuilders who have been training in the same way for years, compound exercises are a good way to stimulate the muscles again.

With the training of compound exercises you target several muscle groups at the same time. This is actually everything you need to quickly gain muscle mass and become stronger as a beginner .

The biggest benefits of compound/compound exercises are:

  • The primary and secondary muscle groups are treated simultaneously
  • Maximum stimulation of muscle growth and muscle strength
  • Increase in testosterone levels and HGH (human growth hormone) production
  • Saves you a lot of time at the gym

What are the most effective compound exercises?

  • You definitely want to include these compound exercises in your training schedule:
  • squats
  • Deadlifts
  • leg press
  • bench press (bench press)
  • pull-ups / chin-ups
  • Military Press
  • dips

Tip: #2 Use Progressive Overload

Have you ever heard of Milo of Croton? Probably not because he lived more than two thousand years ago.

Milo was the most famous wrestler Greece has ever known. He won his first Olympic victory in 532 BC.

What made this Greek so special?

Besides his many Olympic victories, his training method was also quite unique.

Legend has it that Milo carried a newborn calf on his back every day to get stronger.

Every week the beast got heavier and bigger and had to carry more weight. This forced Milo to get stronger and build muscle.

With his unusual way of training, Milo won the Olympics seven times.

In fact, Milo was doing progressive overload.

Progressive overload is one of the main factors in building lean muscle.

It is the foundation on which strength training is built.

Without progressive overload, you will sooner or later come to a dead end.

The human body will not change on its own unless you force it with a gradual increase in heavier weights.

Since I don't recommend a newborn calf, I'll give you 3 other ways to apply progressive overload:

  • Increase the weight

Gradually increasing the weights will eventually make you stronger and gain more muscle mass.

How do you know if you should go higher in weight?

Pretty simple.

If your goal is to get 8 to 10 reps on weight and you get to 11 or 12, then you know you can add a little more weight.

  • Increase the number of sets

Instead of picking up some weights, you can also increase the number of sets.

If you find that you can easily handle 2 sets of a particular exercise, increase it to 3 or 4.

  • Reduce rest time

Reducing the rest time between consecutive sets will force your body to adapt metabolically.

Eventually, you will be able to lift more weight in less time.

Tip: #3 Take A Protein Shake Before Going To Sleep

I have another tip for you to gain muscle faster and build lean muscle mass.

Using protein shakes before going to sleep!

Proteins are crucial if you want to build muscle mass to get stronger, they are the building blocks of your muscles.

Protein shakes are ideal to use because they contain a high concentration of proteins, which promotes the building and recovery of your muscles.

Researchers from Maastricht University discovered that if you've just started strength training and you want to see results as quickly as possible, it's better to take a protein shake before going to sleep.

The amount of muscle mass built up by the participants turned out to have almost doubled compared to the subjects who drank a placebo.

The participants were 44 male healthy and active college students who had not done any strength training in recent years.

One group drank a placebo before going to sleep and the other group a protein shake.

After three months of training, both groups of men had become stronger and more muscular.

However, as you can see above, the difference between the two groups was almost twice as great.

The students who drank a protein shake had significantly more muscle strength and muscle mass.

The Dutch researchers conclude that taking protein before going to sleep is an effective way to grow muscle mass faster and build muscle strength in strength athletes.

Tip: #4 Pay Attention to the Right Technique and Execution 

It was an old childhood friend who caused me to get the bodybuilding virus.

Together we took out our first gym subscription and we could be found in the gym every week.

I was jealous of his results. In the first few months, it seemed like he was progressing much faster with everything.

Until one summer day, we went to the beach together and I was surprised to see that my chest was much better developed than his.

Only later did I understand why.

My friend paid no attention at all to his technique and execution.

To him, the number of weights he could smuggle away was far more important than the execution.

You often see it with young guests.

They don't want to be inferior to each other and try to lift as many weights as possible, forgetting that correct execution is much more important.

Correct posture and technique is the foundation for bodybuilding. If you're still doing it wrong, don't even think about lifting more weights.

If you're not sure you're doing the exercise right, ask an experienced bodybuilder or fitness instructor to look at your performance.

Performing the right technique prevents unnecessary muscle injuries and wear and tear on your joints.

Tip: #5 Train With A Sports Buddy

Would you rather only train your muscles?

Maybe it's time to find a sports buddy.

A good training partner has many advantages:

  • Motivation: a training buddy can motivate you to do one more set if you really want to give up.
  • Technique: Not only can he or she help you as a spotter, but also monitor whether you are performing the exercise correctly.
  • Responsibility: Making an appointment ensures commitment and discipline.

If you've agreed to work out with someone, you'll be more likely to show up because you don't want to disappoint the other person.

There is also such a thing as healthy competition.

You don't want to be left behind if you notice that your training partner is improving in strength or muscle mass.

Man is a social animal. We draw positivity and strength from others when we work together.

What do you want to take into account when you are looking for a sports buddy to build muscles together in the gym?

Same goals

Choose someone who has the same goals.

It won't work if the other person mainly wants to do cardio to get in better shape and you are more focused on building muscle mass.

Agree in advance on what your goals are.

Finally, it is important that you actually go bang in the gym.

You can joke and gossip after exercise. During the workout, you want to be focused and not lose any time.


Strength sports together with a reliable sports buddy ensures that you remain disciplined and that you will achieve your goals.

On the other hand, someone who is unreliable can ruin your ambitious goals and motivation.

Make good agreements with each other and change training partners if you notice that things are not going to work between you.

If your training buddy is motivated but has little time, agree that on the days that you train together, you mainly do the exercises where you can spot each other.

You can also train a muscle group like your back on your own, but if you do bench presses with heavyweights, it is nice if you have a spotter at hand.

Tip: #6 For Optimal Muscle Strength You Train In The Evening

The optimal time to start exercising is something most people don't think about.

They have a free space on their agenda and enthusiastically look for their sports bag to go to the gym.

Most people train when they feel like it or when they can.

But what if I told you that training times affect the extent to which your body builds muscle?

When is the best time to exercise? Your body temperature plays an important role in this.

The human body has a biological clock.

Under the influence of this clock, various body processes fluctuate during the day. We call this the circadian rhythm .

An example is our body temperature.

It is lowest early in the morning and highest at the beginning of the evening (around 6-7 pm):

The optimal body temperature for strength training normally occurs in the early evening.

At this time, your body's flexibility and muscle strength reach their daily peak.

During this time you have optimal mobility of your joints, glucose metabolism, and blood flow to your muscles as the blood vessels dilate.

How To Grow Muscle Fast - optimal body temperature

People perform better later in the evening.

At the beginning of the evening, your body temperature is highest and you are at your strongest. This is the best part of the day to train your muscles.

Tip: #7 Eat Like A Horse

"Help! Muscle growth does not stop! What am I doing wrong?"

A golden rule of bodybuilding is that you have to eat enough to grow.

Eating right also means tracking your calorie intake.

You need more calories for energy, but if you overdo it, these calories will be stored as fat.

Your body normally needs a calorie surplus to build muscle (with some exceptions, but that's for another blog).

This requires a varied and good diet.

No matter how hard you train, your body will not be able to build muscle mass if you structurally use more energy than you take in.

On the other hand, you don't want your calorie surplus to become too large because this causes extra fat storage.

To solve this problem we use the TDEE formula.

With the TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) you calculate your daily calorie requirement, including your daily activity and the intensity of sports.

You can do this here.

Did you do this? Good, you now know your daily maintenance level.

But we're not there yet. Because to achieve a calorie surplus and maximize muscle growth you will have to add some calories to this.

Not too much of course, because you don't want to get too fat either.

In general, an increase of 20% in your TDEE is sufficient to build more muscle mass.

Wait a month and see what happens. You can then reduce or increase this calorie surplus based on your results.

Tip: #8 Skip workouts as little as possible

Your favorite t-shirt is in the laundry basket, your MP3 player's battery has only 5% left and you're on the evening shift in three hours.

There is no motivation to exercise today.

Everyone has those days when you don't feel like doing anything.

Missing a workout occasionally isn't a disaster, but if you find that it's becoming a habit to cancel your workout, it's time to kick yourself in the butt.

A study in the scientific journal Journal of Applied Physiology shows that skipping workouts for two weeks has negative consequences for your fitness and muscle strength.

Stopping bodybuilding for two months can even leave you completely out of shape and losing a significant amount of muscle mass.

So don't skip a workout by the slightest thing. It is very sinful.

Especially when you consider that building muscle mass is a process that takes months and years.

In that respect, bodybuilding is a very thankless sport because the training results of years of effort disappear if you decide to do nothing for a certain period of time.

Skipping at least 1 training every week means that you have missed no less than 52 training sessions on an annual basis!

But luckily I also have some good news for you.

There is such a thing as muscle memory.

“What is muscle memory?” I hear you think.

Muscle memory is the ability of your muscles to grow faster if you have done strength training for a long time in the past.

When you do bodybuilding, you build up extra muscle cell nuclei.

Research shows that the number of cell nuclei remains the same for up to a few years after the training period.

This means that experienced strength athletes quickly regain their lost muscle mass if they decide to start training again.

Tip: #9 Eat Enough Protein Per Day

Anyone who actively works out and does bodybuilding knows that your body needs enough protein every day to build muscle.

But how much protein do you actually need to grow muscle mass?

You know that strength training damages your muscle fibers.

These damaged muscle fibers are repaired by the body.

But in addition, the body not only repairs the damaged muscle fibers but new muscle fibers are also added where necessary.

This is how your muscles grow.

But that growth can only take place if your diet is in order.

Your muscles are mainly made up of protein and need enough protein (essential amino acids) from food to repair the damage you've done through strength training.

How much protein do you need daily to provide a constant supply of crucial amino acids to your muscles?

  • About  1.5 to 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is more than enough for strength athletes to build muscle mass.

Check  this blog for more information about proteins and tips about protein shakes.

Tip: #10 Give Your Body Time To Recover

Are you excited when you can hit the gym again? I recognize the feeling. A heavy workout is great for your body and mind.

But don't forget that your body also needs enough rest, time, and nutrition to recover properly.

If you don't do this, your body will eventually enter a catabolic state.

Normally 24 to 48 hours is enough to recover a muscle group from a heavy workout.

If you still have pain after 72 hours, take it easy for a week.

Forcing yourself can cause muscle injuries.

“Can I train if I am sick or have a cold?”

If you fill up on the tissues in the cold winter months, it is wise to take it easy with training.

Too long or intensive training can delay the recovery from your cold. The intensive effort you perform when you have a cold inhibits the immune system. ( source )

Tip: #11 Drink plenty of water every day

"Water? What does drinking water have to do with building muscle mass?”

Well when you consider that your muscles consist of about 75% water, you understand that water plays an important role in your body.

Think of your body as a machine that needs water to function properly.

If you are dehydrated or drink too little water, you will also notice this in your sports performance.

Water serves, among other things, as a liniment for your joints and can remove toxic substances from your body.

It is therefore important that you drink enough water during training.

Do you want to know how many liters of water you need at least per day?

Multiply your lean body mass by 0.04 and you arrive at the desired number of liters of water per day.

Tip: #12 Be Patient and Persistent

As I wrote earlier in this blog, bodybuilding is primarily a sport where you only see results in the long term.

Over the years, I've seen enough people drop out frustrated because they didn't see any physical improvements in their eyes.

Don't expect miracles in the short term with bodybuilding.

What novice strength athletes often forget is that building muscle mass takes time.

People get wrong expectations from fitness magazines that rave about anabolic bodybuilders.

Muscle mass is not something that people have overnight.

You will have to work for it and therefore train daily.

Do this and you will start reaching your goals in the gym

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