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Ab Wheel Rollout: How-to, Common mistakes + FAQ

The most famous and most frequently performed exercise with an ab wheel is the ab wheel rollout. This exercise doesn't look very complicated, but looks can be deceiving. After all, quite a bit of force is required to be able to perform the ab wheel rollout properly.

In this article, we briefly explain what an ab wheel is, which muscles you use, and finally how to perform the ab wheel rollout correctly. We also deal with the most common mistakes and answer a number of questions about the exercise.

What is an ab wheel?

First of all, a short explanation about what an ab wheel actually is. It is, as it were, no more than a small wheel with a handle on both sides. You then take the handles in both hands, after which you can roll the wheel.

This one comes in a variety of shapes such as a single wheel ab wheel, double wheel, and even with footrests instead of handles. Most gyms have one or more ab wheels with their accessories. Is this not the case and would you like to use it? You can get them quite cheaply online at many online stores.

Which muscles do you use?

The name of the ab wheel rollout of course already reveals which muscle group you mainly train with the exercise. The primary muscle group you train is your abs. These are used to keep a straight upper body during the exercise and thus prevent you from getting a hollow back. You will also notice that you also train other muscle groups in addition to your abs.

You will also train your lower back and even your shoulders and arms will be trained during the ab wheel rollout. This is of course to a lesser extent than your abs, but you will nevertheless notice this while performing the ab wheel rollout. This brings us straight to the next part of this article, which is an explanation of how to perform the exercise correctly.

Ab Wheel Rollout: How-to, Common mistakes + FAQ

Implementation of the ab wheel rollout

The implementation of the ab wheel rollout has been analyzed and described in the steps below. Read the steps carefully before you start performing the exercise.

1. Put down a fitness mat

It is important that you use a fitness mat or other soft surface for this exercise. If you don't do this, you will experience pain in your knees. This eventually makes ab wheel rollout very annoying and of course, you want to prevent that. So always use a soft surface for your knees.

2. Get on your knees and grab the ab wheel

Place your knees on the fitness mat and hold the ab wheel. Then place it on the floor in front of you. This is your starting position.

3. Gently move the ab wheel forward

Start by rolling the ab wheel forward. It is extremely important to properly contract your abs during the entire movement. For this, you can try to round your upper back, which makes it easier to tighten your abdominal muscles. Keep your arms slightly bent throughout the exercise. Roll as far forward as you can without getting a hollow lower back.

4. Hold the movement briefly

This is of course not mandatory, but try to hold the most stretched position for a short time. Focus on contracting your abs as much as possible. You will notice that the acidity in the abdominal muscles can come up quite quickly during this exercise.

5. Move controlled back to the starting position

Then move back in a controlled manner to the starting position. Also during this movement, it is important to tighten the abdominal muscles well. Move until you are back in the neutral position, where your abs no longer need to be contracted.

6. Repeat as many times as desired

You have now done one repetition. For example, start with sets of 8 reps if this works and build up to more reps or longer pauses at the heaviest point of the movement.

After performing your first set of the ab wheel rollout you will have a better idea of ​​how heavy the exercise is and how many repetitions you can approximately do. Keep track of this for yourself so that you can assess how much progress you have made with the exercise over time.

Common mistakes

Of course, mistakes are still regularly made with the ab wheel rollout. Below we discuss the most common errors so that you can recognize and prevent them.

Insufficient contraction of the abdominal muscles,

The most obvious and by far the most common mistake is not using the abdominal muscles enough. During every moment of the movement of the ab wheel rollout, the abdominal muscles must be actively engaged. If this does not happen, a hollow back will soon develop, which can be experienced as unpleasant and can even lead to pain. So keep contracting the abdominal muscles during the entire exercise.

Arms not stretching enough

It is fine to maintain a slight bend in the arms. However, some people go overboard with this and bend their arms way too much. This will get you a lot of power from your arms, while this should come from your abs. So make sure that your arms are not bent too much during the exercise.

Not rolling out far enough

As with any exercise, you want to make a full movement. This is of course no different with the ab wheel rollout. However, many people stop too early and skip the toughest part of the exercise. Are you a beginner and have yet to learn the exercise? Then there is nothing wrong with this. But if you're strong enough and skip the last part so you can do more reps, we don't think that's the right choice.

Make use of the full movement and train your abs as best you can.

Frequently asked questions about the ab wheel rollout

We conclude this article about the ab wheel with some frequently asked questions about this exercise. Do you still have questions or comments after reading this? Let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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Is the ab wheel rollout effective?

Yes, the ab wheel rollout is a very effective abdominal exercise. Your entire core will become stronger, which will also have a positive effect on other exercises you perform. All in all, the ab wheel rollout is definitely an exercise that should be included in any abs program.

Is the ab wheel rollout suitable for beginners?

You must already have a certain amount of core strength to perform the ab wheel rollout correctly. The standard variant is therefore not suitable for the absolute beginner. You can choose, for example, to perform half a repetition and to make the move just a little longer for each workout. In a few weeks, you will probably be able to perform full reps.

Where can you buy an ab wheel?

To be able to do an ab wheel rollout you of course need an ab wheel. Fortunately, these are for sale in many places.

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