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Abs Exercises: How to, Explanation, Useful tips + FAQ

A huge number of people strive for a toned stomach, where the abdominal muscles are clearly visible. You don't just get a six-pack, washboard, or whatever you want to call it. For this, you not only need to have your fat percentage in order but also have well-developed abs.

You get this by doing abdominal exercises, among other things. Gohealth-up has collected and bundled all abdominal exercises for you on this page. Here you will find a step-by-step explanation of how to perform the exercise, a video, and other useful tips and facts for each exercise.

  1. Ab Wheel Rollout
  2. Hanging Leg Raises
  3. Side Shelf
  4. Sit-Ups
Abs Exercises  How to, Explanation, Useful tips, FAQ

How do you choose the right exercises for your abs?

It can be difficult to choose the right abdominal exercises from the overview. This is because it is quite a lot of exercises, or because you are simply not yet familiar with exercises for the abdominal muscles. In this case, it is recommended to just watch some exercises and just try them out.

This way you will automatically find out which exercises are suitable and which ones are. This can depend on various factors, such as the possibilities within your gym or that you may not even train in a gym at all, but just at home. Therefore, make a suitable choice for yourself and choose the abdominal exercises that suit your way of training.

What are the best abs exercises?

As with many muscle groups, everyone wants to know what the best exercises are. It is almost impossible to determine what the best abdominal exercises are, but we can of course look at which ones are very popular. The standard sit-ups are losing popularity for exercises such as planks or the ab wheel.

These exercises are good for the entire core and even the entire upper body is used to perform them well. A sit-up, but also crunches, is more likely to be seen as prone to injury. Hanging leg raises are also becoming increasingly popular because they do not put any strain on the spine while doing the exercise.

Do abs exercises at home

Abdominal exercises are without a doubt the muscle group that is easy to train at home. Several other muscle groups can also be easily trained at home, but this often requires a set of dumbbells or a barbell.

To do abdominal exercises at home you need almost nothing, at most a mat to lie on or, for example, an ab wheel. You can easily do planks and lying leg raises at home, but crunches, sit-ups, or bicycle kicks can also be performed from your living room.

View the overview of abdominal exercises and choose the exercises that you can perform at home. This is possible for a large part, so choose a number of exercises yourself that you would like to try.

So you don't have to buy anything for this, although a mat is handy in this case. You could also do this on a rug from your living room or a large thick bath towel if you don't want to buy a mat for your abdominal exercises.

Abdominal exercises in the gym

In the gym, the possibilities to do abdominal exercises are of course more extensive. In addition to the bodyweight exercises that you can also do at home, you suddenly have access to special equipment for the abdominal muscles, but also cable stations, barbells, and so on.

So it is possible to do abdominal exercises in the gym with more resistance than when you perform them at home. This allows you to alternate the resistance of only bodyweight with extra resistance of weights. This is not necessarily necessary to get stronger and tighter abs, but it does provide more variety than just exercises with your own body weight.

How do you choose the right abs exercises for beginners?

Some abdominal exercises can be seen more as advanced exercises than for beginners. It can therefore sometimes be quite difficult to choose the right exercises.

There are many different abs exercises for beginners, as well as exercises that are suitable for both beginners and experienced exercisers. As a beginner, you can always do exercises with resistance in the gym since you can decide for yourself how much resistance you want to use.

Many abdominal exercises where you use bodyweight are also suitable for beginners, but some are really too difficult. For example, an ab wheel can be too heavy for many beginners and a dragon flag will be a hefty challenge even for many experienced athletes.

Look in the overview for abdominal exercises that you think you can perform and just try it out. Good options to start with are, in addition to the equipment in the gym, lying leg raises or planks. So there are plenty of abdominal exercises for beginners!

Abdominal exercises before going to sleep

Often people choose to do abdominal exercises right before going to sleep. This is a possibility, but it is also not ideal. Physical exercise raises your heart rate, which can affect your sleep. A good night's sleep is extremely important for recovery and you do not want to disturb it.

In addition, you can also start to sweat by doing abdominal exercises before going to sleep. It is of course not pleasant to lie in bed sweaty, so it is nice to take a shower afterward. If you have already showered, it is of course exaggerated to shower twice a day.

Finally, your body needs nutrients after exercise. Initially, these are carbohydrates, but proteins are also important for recovery. This means that you ideally eat something after the effort. If you do the abs right before going to sleep, you probably won't go to the kitchen for something to eat.

For these reasons, if time-wise of course, it would be better to choose to do your abdominal exercises at a different time of the day than just before going to sleep.

How often do abs exercises per week?

By doing compound exercises, your abdominal muscles are also stimulated, but this is often not enough for visible results. Abs are a muscle group that can easily be trained more often during the week than, for example, your legs. This is because they can recover quite quickly and they are not exercises that have a heavy toll on your body.

There are quite a few personal trainers who advocate that you should train the abs every workout or even every day. If you do an abs workout before you start the heavy lifting, these are well warmed up. A disadvantage is that the already trained abdominal muscles can feel weaker during the heavy sets of, for example, your squats or deadlift.

How often you should do abs exercises per week depends on what someone likes, but also on what the goal is. However, most people agree that training your abs once a week will not get you there. So, don't be afraid to do your abs a few times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Abs Exercises

In order to provide as complete information as possible, we have collected and answered several frequently asked questions about abdominal exercises here. Do you have a question that is not listed here, but would like to be answered? Let us know and maybe we'll add your question to this overview so that we can help not only yourself but also other people.

Are there abdominal exercises for over-50s?

If you want to start exercising for the first time as a person over 50, it can of course take some getting used to. However, you don't have to feel limited in the possibilities at all. In principle, you can do any exercise, as long as you perform it in a controlled manner. Are you unsure about your form? Then ask an instructor at the gym, so she can be sure that you are performing the exercise correctly.

Can you do abdominal exercises with elastic?

Yes, it is possible to do abdominal exercises with elastic. However, these are often slightly more complicated than the normal exercises, and more complicated does not always mean better. For example, you can add extra resistance to a bicycle kick by using elastics. This makes the execution of the exercise a bit more difficult and it is not really an exercise that you must have tried once. But if you want to experiment, abdominal exercises with elastic are just possible, you just have to be a bit creative.

Can you do abdominal exercises on the couch?

Yes, it is possible to do abdominal exercises on the couch. You are limited in your options, but you can do a number of exercises at home on the couch. For example, you can do leg raises from your couch, but crunches or a (side) plank can be done at home from the couch. Do you find a normal plank a bit difficult? Put your thighs on the bench and the exercise becomes a little easier. This way you can just do abdominal exercises from the couch, nice in your own living room.

Which abdominal exercises for back pain?

Doing exercises for the abs should not cause back pain. However, if you do have back problems, there are various exercises that reduce the pressure on the back, for example during a sit-up or a crunch. Think of hanging leg raises, lying leg raises, or bicycle kicks.

Doing planks strengthens your entire core and also your back and could therefore contribute to stronger back muscles, which can ultimately ensure that you no longer get back problems.

When doing sit-ups, you can use a special sit-up pillow to maintain the natural shape of your back and thus reduce pressure. If you currently have back problems, it is better not to put too much pressure on the back, because otherwise you risk making the back pain worse.

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