Body building? It's all about these 4 elements

“I'm already very busy at the moment with work, the study” are the excuses that are often used for not exercising. However, if you want to achieve something, you have to work for it. Who wouldn't want to be bigger, healthier, and more muscular than he/she is right now?

As legendary American Football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “ Only in the dictionary does success come before work ”.

Bodybuilding is hard work

For the future Arnold Schwarzeneggers among us. Bodybuilding may be simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Simple means uncomplicated, easy implies little to no effort. Bodybuilding requires hard work and this puts many people off.

This hard work is more than just going to the gym and using weights. When you think of bodybuilding, you have to think of a lifestyle. So, are you willing to drastically change your life and become big, bigger, biggest?

Bodybuilding: you need a plan

Bodybuilding is therefore not something you just decide to do. You can't just decide to hit the gym every day from now on. You need a plan before you start. Here you have to take into account the following four elements;

  • 1 – nutrition 
  • 2 – cardio training 
  • 3 – weight training 
  • 4 – mental training.

I will now briefly explain them to you.

1. Bodybuilding: Eat Yourself Strong

Everything but eating when you want it is unfortunately over. When it comes to food, you should pay particular attention to what you eat and how much of it you eat. Unhealthy meals should be avoided or at least reduced to a maximum of twice a week.

There's nothing wrong with a beer or a glass of wine every now and then, but going out several times a week and getting a nice lamb is no longer an option. The real bodybuilder should have been in bed for a long time by then and the larger than should be consumed above all is municipal lager or water.

2. Bodybuilding: Burn Fat With Cardio

Many people only think of training with heavyweights when they think of bodybuilding, but without a little cardio, for example, that six-pack will never be visible. In many cases, 30 minutes to an hour of cardio a day is considered sufficient. If you go to the gym by bike instead of by car, you already have a few minutes, so if you ask me this is perfectly doable.

3. Bodybuilding: Training With Weights

If you want to lose weight, you better skip this point, but if you want to get big, you will have to believe it. You won't be able to impress during your first workout, so don't try to do this either. Don't start too hard, otherwise, you'll be at home with injuries in no time.

Build up the amount of weight according to schedules. Ask that big "bear" at the gym to give you some tips on how he got that way (I'm sure it will do him some good too). You will also have to train the groups that you don't like doing so much, so not just the show muscles.

Also very important, do the exercises with free weights properly. Free weights are harder to control, so make sure you are in control of the weight and not the other way around. A simple-looking part like bench pressing is described in detail in some books. For example, the thumbless grip when bench pressing can cost your pretty face dearly.

4. Bodybuilding: Mental Training

Bodybuilding is to a large extent also a mental issue. Going to the gym through all kinds of weather or watching a movie at home, what would you do? Also, negative thoughts like; I cannot do this, I still see no result, I have not been able to lead to the abandonment of your proposed plan.

Do not try to block these kinds of negative thoughts, but instead convert them into positive ones; I can do it, I'm going to do it and I'm the best. It is therefore important to set achievable goals. Your ideal body is the long-term goal.

Because achieving your goals can take a while and this can cause negative thoughts, setting goals in the short term is no less important. Going for new personal bests every workout or tracking progress weekly keeps a person positive.

Ultimately, this plan is unique for each person, as everyone's body is shaped differently. Not everyone has the talent to play Conan the Barbarian.

Bodybuilding is not a temporary thing

Bodybuilding is not temporary like a diet for example is. It is a process and requires discipline for a lot of work. Having a good plan before you start makes the process easier, but what I mentioned earlier doesn't make it any easier. Work comes before success.

So don't just start with it, but think carefully beforehand whether it will suit you. Make a plan using information from the internet, eBooks, or friends and try to achieve realistic goals. Read: triceps workout at home for beginners

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