Female Bodybuilding Explained. This Is It And This Is How You Do It

You are a woman and you like good food. Ideally, it should taste good, be healthy and the cow, pig, or chicken should also have had a good life.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy for every woman to buy the healthiest meat and the tastiest vegetables.

Money and time make many women regularly opt for easy foods like junk food. This is also not strange, it is ready quickly and usually not too pricey. The consequences of this are noticeable because the number of overweight women is increasing every year.

I encourage you as a woman to think about bodybuilding instead of dieting and doing cardio. When hearing the term bodybuilding, many women quickly think of (over)muscular men. However, there are also plenty of women who are involved in this sport.

Women who consider themselves too fat and want to lose weight often choose to follow a diet and exercise (more) in the form of cardio.

Before you do this, you should first take a good look at yourself whether you expect this to be the desired way to lose weight. Are you really keeping this up?

A diet is a temporary solution that can sometimes lead to extra weight in the long term.

Female Bodybuilding Explained

Long-term fit and healthy with female bodybuilding

You as a woman have much less predisposition to build muscle mass than a man, so don't be afraid that you will become too muscular if this is not your goal. You can set your goals for yourself and determine how far you want to go with this sport.

Keep in mind that with bodybuilding you will not lose weight, but you will gain weight. Don't be alarmed by this, because muscle is heavier than fat.

kilo of muscle takes up less space than a kilo of fat and therefore you may not see any difference on the scale. Fear not, your clothes will make this difference positively clear.

Female bodybuilding: reward yourself!

Good managers, parents, and trainers have one thing in common: they are able to get their employees, children, pupils to repeat the behavior they envision. They do this by rewarding desired behavior. So don't be afraid to reward yourself every now and then.

Reward yourself when you reach a certain goal, such as breaking a personal best with weights. Go crazy and reward yourself with a pizza or fries.

If food doesn't do it for you, you can also reward yourself in other ways; go out for a nice evening or buy those nice pants that you saw hanging in the store the other day.

New clothes are a good reward anyway because if you train well and pay attention to your diet, your old clothes will soon no longer fit. Look At: triceps workout with dumbbells for beginners

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