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Training With Burpees: 6 Benefits, 2 Exercises and 3 Pitfalls

A beautiful body is something we all dream of. Sometimes that dream seems pretty far away and often the first steps you take inside a gym can be quite intimidating. This article about burpees shows that with a simple exercise you can achieve impressive results very quickly.

Burpees are part of a new fitness craze: the full-body workout. More and more people have been actively working with their bodies in recent years and have started fitness. Many people prefer exercises that affect the entire body, such as the burpee. Read here 3 tips, 2 exercises, and 3 pitfalls of the burpee!

What are burpees?

The burpee is, as described above, a full-body workout. The great thing about the burpee is that you don't necessarily have to go all the way to the gym to work out. Although the burpee has been on the rise in recent years, it is not a new exercise. 

The burpee has been around for almost 100 years and was developed by, how could it be otherwise, someone named Burpee.

The burpee was used by the Americans as early as World War II to take stock of how fit their soldiers actually were. By having a burpee performed, it was possible to quickly see how a recruit's physical condition was. A burpee requires strength, agility, and coordination.

A burpee actually combines three different exercises:

  1. The push-up
  2. The jump
  3. the squat

Today, the burpee is seen as a variant of the squat. By doing squats you can work on your buttocks, your legs, your hamstrings, and finally your abs at the same time. The burpee adds a number of body parts to that. With a burpee, the arms, chest, and triceps are also intensively trained.

So it can rightly be called a full-body workout.

Burpees Training

How do I perform a burpee?

Performing a burpee is not difficult at all, but a good technique can go a long way in maximizing your training results. Therefore, below is a short explanation of how exactly you should perform a burpee:

  1. Jump up while keeping your arms straight (make sure your back stays dead straight). Your shoulders should also be in line.
  2. After landing, sit with your knees bent and place your hands on the floor.
  3. Jump from this position so that you both kick your feet back at the same time, landing in the well-known 'planking' position. Again, it is important to always keep your back straight.
  4. Now perform a push-up.
  5. Jump back to the position described in step 2 above.
  6. Finally, you have to spring up again and make a jump with your hands stretched upwards. Then you are back at step 1.
Training With Burpees

So you see that the last position from the step-by-step plan described above fits seamlessly with the starting position. By always following the step-by-step plan carefully, you can end up in a loop and keep doing burpees in succession. Because it is a heavy exercise, a number of repetitions of the burpee can provide a good workout for your body! Look: best tricep exercises for strength

What are the major benefits of doing burpees?

Doing burpees has some great benefitsThese have already been briefly mentioned in the introduction, but they are listed below:

Advantage #1: You build muscle mass very quickly

Performing a burpee is a fantastic exercise for anyone who wants to get serious with their body. Of all bodyweight exercises, the burpee is the exercise that activates most of the muscles in your body at the same time.

If you're looking for a six-pack of steel, performing burpees is the way to go.

Benefit #2: You can train your triceps very well with burpees

Anyone who is proud of their body dreams of having big muscular arms. To get big and toned arms you need to work on both your biceps and triceps. Most people who have been training for a while already have fairly accentuated biceps after making a lot of training hours.

However, accentuating the triceps is much more difficult. Burpees solve that problem for you. Try doing 30 burpees in a row. You will then notice that your triceps are burning, which means that you have been working them hard.

Benefit #3: You can burn body fat with burpees

You can burn body fat by doing burpees. This is done in three different ways:

  1. You burn the necessary calories during your workout.
  2. By building muscle you can speed up your metabolism so that you continue to burn calories even after the training.
  3. You can make your body more sensitive to insulin. This makes you less likely to store insulin in the form of fat after you consume it. As a result, moreover, the risk of type-2 diabetes is off.

Because burpees are so effective, they are also classified as High-intensity training (HIT). HIT is a method to quickly get rid of your body fat. Due to the high intensity, training by doing burpees is much more effective than regular training methods. 

Benefit #4: You don't need any equipment to do burpees

Burpees can be done literally anywhere. The great thing about burpees is that you don't need any equipment to get started. All you need is a little space so that you don't knock everything over when you get started.

Benefit #5: Burpees save you time

Doing 20 burpees will get you more than 20 minutes of running. Since doing 20 burpees should normally take less than 5 minutes, you can achieve the same results in 5 minutes as someone who has exercised for 20 minutes. Burpees can save you a lot of time.

Benefit #6: Burpees provide a huge amount of endorphins

Burpees are intense. And after a workout, you will also feel some muscle soreness, but you know what they say: no pain, no gain. Fortunately, doing burpees also releases a fair amount of endorphins. This will make you feel very comfortable and you may even become addicted to doing burpees!

3 tips for performing burpees

Doing burpees is quite easy once you master the basic technique (as described above). Still, there are a number of useful tips if you want to get serious with burpees. These are things that you might not normally think about at all, but which can still greatly increase the effectiveness of your training. 

Below are 3 tips for doing burpees:

Tip #1: Keep an eye on your breathing

Burpees are intense. They are even so intensive that it is not surprising that you have to catch your breath halfway through your repetitions. Be aware that you use almost your entire body while doing burpees.

Tip #2: Tighten your core

Many people forget to tighten their core (and their butt) while doing burpees. This is a shame because as a result, you will not get the maximum result from your training work. 

Tip #3: Relax at the right time

The tip above describes why it is so important to tighten your core. However, this does not mean that your body should be tense all the time during your workout. After you jump back up, you can relax your whole body just before landing. This will make the burpees a little less tiring and you will last longer.

The burpee is an exercise in itself, but there are also some variations in the exercise. Below I discuss two variations you can make to your burpees.

2 exercises with burpees

Exercise #1: The Hurpee

hurpee is a burpee, but without the push-up. This exercise is a variant of the burpee that is particularly suitable for people who cannot yet do a good push-up.

Exercise #2: High Jump Burpee

You can of course challenge yourself by jumping a little higher during your burpee. Now of course the question is, what is high enough? For starters, it would be nice to jump on a solid platform about half a meter high. Choose a height where you feel comfortable and don't get overconfident. Then accidents can happen.

3 pitfalls when training by doing burpees

Pitfall #1: Wanting to do the burpees too quickly

You are in absolutely no rush when doing burpees. It is much more important that you do them technically well than that it goes very quickly. Rushing will make you less precise in technique and can lead to injury very quickly.

So take your time to perform your burpees technically well.

Pitfall #2: Landing with legs straight after the jump

After you jump up, it can be tempting not to pay attention to the way you land. A common mistake when doing burpees is for people to stretch their legs during the jump. However, this makes for a very unpleasant landing. You would do well to bend your knees gently during the landing after the jump. This also prevents injuries.

Pitfall #3: Going on too long

An old proverb says: whoever wants to be beautiful must suffer pain. And this is also true, especially if you want to get a fantastic body. However, it is important to know when enough is enough and when you should take your rest. A common mistake is that people, as admirable as that may be, go way beyond their own limits and get injured.

Training schedule for doing burpees

If you are going to get started with training by doing burpees, it is important that you follow a good training schedule. If you don't do this, you won't get the maximum result. 

The schedule below is also recommended by professionals and is the ideal schedule for someone who is just getting started with burpees and wants to progress quickly: the 30-day burpee challenge!

Day 1 5 Burpees Day 16 5 Burpees
Day 2 5 Burpees Day 17 65 Burpees
Day 3 20 Burpees Day 18 60 Burpees
Day 4 15 Burpees Day 19 65 Burpees
Day 5 rest day Day 20 rest day
Day 6 20 Burpees Day 21 70 Burpees
Day 7 25 Burpees Day 22 75 Burpees
Day 8 30 Burpees Day 23 75 Burpees
Day 9 35 Burpees Day 24 80 Burpees
Day 10 rest day Day 25 rest day
Day 11 40 Burpees Day 26 85 Burpees
Day 12 45 Burpees Day 27 85 Burpees
Day 13 50 Burpees Day 28 90 Burpees
Day 14 55 Burpees Day 29 85 Burpees
Day 15 rest day Day 30 100 Burpees

After completing this challenge you will be amazed at the progress you have made in one month. It will be quite a challenge to keep up with this challenge to the end, but remember -  no pain, no gain.

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