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16 Reasons Not To Buy Anabolic Steroid Pills

You feel like you've been training for a while, but you're barely making any visible progress.

The temptation is increasing to try anabolic pills or anabolic injections.

After all, just once trying anabolic steroids can't hurt so much, right?

But the reality is that taking steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs is not without its risks.

Anabolic side effects can have a significant negative effect both physically and mentally.

Are you thinking about starting your first course of steroids?

Read this blog about anabolic steroids before you make the choice to buy / order anabolics.

16 Reasons not to take anabolic steroid pills

Content of this article:

1: It Harms Your Heart

2: You can get high blood pressure

3: It Causes Tantrums and Irritability

4: Reduction in Fertility

5: It Can Lead To Hair Loss And Baldness

6: The Origin of Stretch Marks

7: It's Attacking Your Liver

8: It Can Cause Breast Formation

9: You Get Small Testes

10: It's Gonna Cost You A Lot

11: You Get Acne And Oily Skin

12: From Listlessness to Depression

13: You Retain Moisture

14: Your Body Becomes More Masculine

15: Your Prostate Is Getting Bigger

16: They Have an Addictive Effect

What I tell you in this blog is, among other things:

Especially in people who are already prone to mood swings, steroids can be dangerous.
  • The 5 Ways You Can Take Anabolic Steroids
  • 16 Reasons You Must Read Before Ordering Anabolics
  • Why do you NEVER want to start steroids as a woman
  • Which steroids do I recommend for you (if you decide to go on a cure despite everything)
  • And much, much more.
Reasons Not To Buy Anabolic Steroid Pills

What You Need To Know About Anabolic Steroids

A few weeks ago I spoke to some fellow athletes at the gym, and we quickly got into a discussion about the use of steroids.

Two of the four people I spoke to were currently on anabolic steroids.

When I asked about why they did an anabolic course, they were pretty clear:

“Getting that divine body as quickly as possible: Nice and wide, muscular and a cool six-pack.”

Of course, they know that it is forbidden in top sport, but they are trained amateurs, so they don't give a damn.

I am regularly offered at the gym to start using anabolic steroids.

You are of course free to do whatever you want.

What I think is very important is to inform you about the advantages AND disadvantages of using anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids are not children's sweets without side effects.

Read this blog in its entirety so that you are at least well informed if you decide to order steroids.

What Are Anabolics?

Anabolic steroids, also called anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), are performance-enhancing drugs.

They are synthetic steroids derived from the male s3x hormone testosterone.

Testosterone causes secondary s3xual characteristics and promotes the construction of proteins.

In the 1940s, steroids were already used by the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries to increase the performance of athletes.

The Americans decided that they could not stay behind and finally came up with the drug Dianabol.

A substance that over time led to various complaints in athletes.

Anabolic steroids have been on the banned substances list since 1976.

The product may not be used outside and during competitions for people who are affiliated with a sports association.

Strangely enough, that doesn't stop professional bodybuilders from ingesting ridiculously high amounts of steroids today.

Using Anabolics Can Be Used In Different Ways

When you think of anabolic steroids, you probably think of those big needles that you have to stick in your buttocks.

But there are several ways to administer steroids.

The different ways to use steroids:

  • Oral intake: The big advantage is of course that you take a pill every day, without pain and effort. But a big disadvantage is the fact that your liver is damaged faster as a result. A course of pills should therefore never last long.
  • Plasters: Plasters are also available. These work just like the well-known nicotine patches. The disadvantage of this method is that it takes a long time before all substances are absorbed. In addition, during this period you are not allowed to have physical contact with others, especially women and/or children.
  • Gel to smear on your skin You lubricate this gel on your skin and ultimately have the same effect as the patches. The same disadvantages also apply here: No physical contact, because the steroids can be transferred.
  • Long-acting injections: The 'better' way to take steroids is by injection. The industry has linked the hormones to a substance that must first be broken down before the steroids can be absorbed by the body.
  • Short-term injections The principle of short-term injections is the same as that of long-term injections, but the binding substance is broken down more quickly so that the anabolics become available more quickly for absorption by the body.

How Anabolic Steroids Work

If you are thinking about buying/ordering steroids, it is also useful to know how steroids work exactly.

The male hormone testosterone is responsible for the major physical changes that occur during puberty and adolescence.

They are the 'natural anabolics' that occur in everybody.

Anabolic steroids can be seen as the chemical variant of the male s3x hormone testosterone.

Testosterone, as you probably know, is a hormone produced by the body itself.

  • Not to make it too complicated for you: anabolic steroids mimic the action of this natural s3x hormone.

Once your body is given large amounts of testosterone, it stops producing testosterone.

If you consider that the male testes produces about 7 mg of testosterone daily, then you understand that a course of anabolics of a few hundred mg per week will provide fast results in terms of muscle strength and muscle mass.

An anabolic course ensures that the muscle strength and muscle mass of bodybuilders is increased in a short period of time.

The higher the dose of a cure, the more effect it has on muscle mass and muscle strength.

The steroids with the most potent anabolic effect are also the ones with the greatest androgenic effect.

By androgenic effect I mean the (over)development of the male secondary s3x characteristics, which I will come back to in detail later.

But anabolics, unfortunately, come with quite a few risks.

The great danger lies in the limited knowledge of the substances in humans.

For example, your muscles are not able to process an infinite number of steroids.

An excess of steroids has no effect and can actually worsen side effects.

Looking at the effects of an anabolic pill or injection, how good or bad is taking them?

What are the main reasons for not using steroids?

Below I give you a number of reasons to think carefully before you start an anabolic course:

Reason #1: It Harms Your Heart

Have you ever heard of Zyzz?

Zyzz was the nickname of Aziz Shavershian, an Australian bodybuilder who became immensely popular on the internet and social media.

From a nobody, he grew into a cult hero among young bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Zyzz was living proof that you could get big and strong fast with anabolic steroids, eating right, and working hard in the gym.

Unfortunately, his bodybuilding career didn't last very long.

In 2011, the apparently healthy and fit Zyzz died suddenly of cardiac arrest in a sauna in Thailand.

The steroid use among professional bodybuilders is surrounded by mystery.

All too often heart failure among steroids users is dismissed as a birth defect.

  • While there are strong indications that steroids can cause a thickening of your heart muscle.

This causes an attack on your exercise capacity and the general functioning of your entire body.

Reason #2: You can get high blood pressure

It's nice that.

If you think you are healthy by avoiding alcohol and salty products as much as possible, you will discover that steroids cause an increase in your blood pressure.

Especially at high doses, steroids are dangerous for your high blood pressure.

  • This is because steroids stimulate the bone marrow to produce more blood cells.

Extra blood cells mean that the amount of blood in your body is increasing.

Pumping extra blood around causes more blood pressure because there is more pressure on the blood vessels.

Heavy exercise in the gym, such as the squat or deadlift, can even lead to bursting blood vessels.

Reason #3: It Causes Tantrums and Irritability

Are you naturally easily agitated and stressed or do you suffer from mood swings?

Just be careful with steroids.

Anabolic steroids tend to enhance your personal character traits slightly.

Fortunately, not every steroids user suffers from this, but aggression and irritability is well-known side effect of steroids.

Especially high doses of steroids over a longer period of time can make people irritable and aggressive.

A friend of mine who was experimenting with steroids confessed to me that he had more frequent fights with his girlfriend during his treatment.

This surprised me because he is a very chill guy by nature.

Even he noticed psychological changes.

In America spontaneous aggression through the use of steroids has even been given a name: ' roid rage '.

Reason #4: Reduction in Fertility

Do you hope to have children one day with your wife or girlfriend?

Then it is important to know that anabolic steroids shut down natural testosterone production.

It does not matter whether the steroids are pills or injections.

Normally the testes normalizes after a course and sperm cells and hormones are eventually produced again. But in some cases the damage of steroids on the quality of sperm cells is permanent.

There have been cases of ex-users becoming impotent or infertile and unable to get their natural testosterone production going.

Here is a study in which research was conducted into the lasting effects of steroids use.

Reason #5: It Can Lead To Hair Loss And Baldness

One of the main reasons why I never plan to use steroids is because I really like my hair.

The use of steroids can lead to hair loss, especially in the place where you prefer to keep your hair as long as possible: your head.

Baldness is genetically determined.

  • Long story short, look at the men on the maternal side of your family and you'll know if you have a tendency to go bald.

My mother's father and grandfather were as bald as marble from a young age.

Are you prone to hair loss? Then avoid the use of steroids.

Reason #6: The Origin of Stretch Marks

I was shocked when I saw stretch marks ( stretch marks ) under my armpit for the first time.

As a young bodybuilder, I had gained muscle mass too quickly and my skin was clearly unable to cope with that muscle growth.

The result was that I got subcutaneous tears in the skin.

  • Stretch marks occur in people who gain weight quickly or lose weight in a short time.

Bodybuilders who go on a cure for the first time and gain quite a few pounds of lean body mass in a few weeks can be sure that they will suffer from stretch marks.

You can't actually stop getting stretch marks when using steroids.

  • You can limit the damage somewhat by getting enough minerals and vitamins on a daily basis that better protect the skin.

Reason #7: It's Attacking Your Liver

Do you take medication or do you like to drink beer?

Then wet your chest.

Anabolics are an attack on your liver, especially if you do not inject but take steroids pills (such as Anavar or Winstrol).

For people who take too large an amount of steroids and for people who take the steroids orally, major problems can arise with the liver.

  • In the first case, you should think of jaundice or liver cirrhosis.

Reason #8: It Can Cause Breast Formation

Manboobs or gynecomastia is a well-known side effect of aromatizing anabolics.

The use of steroids poses a risk of female breast formation.

When using steroids, the body tends to want to compensate for the relative shortages of estrogens.

This can cause breasts.

These normally disappear again when the intake of steroids stops.

But in some cases, surgery is necessary to correct the problem.

To reassure you somewhat: there is also a chance that it is sometimes excess fat or glandular tissue.

How do you know if you have a gyno?

  • If you are low in body fat and you see a bulging bump that starts to look like a breast.

Reason #9: You Get Small Testes

Let's face it, our male genitalia is the most precious thing we own.

Anabolic steroids can really upset your big friend.

Anabolic steroids do provide a higher libido, but on the other hand, there will also be impotence.

By that, I mean getting a strong and hard erection sometimes no longer works, so that satisfactory penetration is not forthcoming.

You will also have less s3x drive after the treatment.

The question is whether your girlfriend is so happy about that.

To make matters worse, your testes will also shrink during the course of treatment.

Depending on the duration of use, this may be temporary.

But bodybuilders who overuse and overuse are left with tiny testicles that never get back to their original state.

Reason #10: It's Gonna Cost You A Lot

An anabolic course is not cheap.

Anabolic pills are even more expensive than injections.

You will soon lose a few hundred euros if you decide to order steroids.

But then you're not there yet.

After all, you want to see a lot of muscle growth in a short time.

That means buying a lot of food and protein jars during your treatment.

Add to that the fact that you still have to take into account extra needles, vitamins, and solid follow-up treatment and you soon have eight hundred euros.

An after-treatment is also indispensable if you care about your s3x drive and your state of mind.

Reason #11: You Get Acne And Oily Skin

You are on an anabolic course for a few weeks and you make good progress in muscle strength and muscle mass.

Until one day you step out of the shower and notice that your body is full of thick greasy pimples.

Acne is a known side effect of steroids use.

  • Anabolics ensure that your sebaceous glands become larger and secrete thicker sebum.

Fortunately, it's not life-threatening and the acne often clears up when you're done with treatments, but it's not something that makes you happy.

Reason #12: From Listlessness to Depression

Steroids often go hand in hand with mood swings.

As I described earlier, a friend of mine started to get irritated and tantrums while normally he is calm.

But steroids do more than just excitability. It can also cause severe mood swings.

And you should certainly not underestimate this.

Especially in people who are already prone to mood swings, steroids can be dangerous.

Scientists are not entirely sure yet, but they think it has to do with genetics and the number of steroids you use for a long time.

You can assume that the more intensively you take or inject steroids, the more likely you are to experience psychological side effects.

During a cure, bodybuilders often feel great because of the amount of testosterone in their bodies.

They are full of self-confidence and feel like a man.

After they stop taking cures, many bodybuilders go into a slump. They need time to mentally recover.

The hormone balance is completely messed up and it takes a while before it is restored.

Reason #13: You Retain Moisture

Fluid retention is a known phenomenon among bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids.

The accumulation of fluid in the body is mainly seen in users of testosterone and Dianabol.

Trust me, you don't want to walk around with a big damp head.

There is often a build-up of fluid, which is regarded by the user as muscle mass.

Only then do you find out that much of your gain was actually just fluid?

Reason #14: Your Body Becomes More Masculine

The increase in the male hormone testosterone in the body ensures that your body will become more masculine.

Common sense you would think.

But do you also realize what this means for female steroids users?

  • They get a deeper voice
  • Their menstrual cycle is disrupted
  • The breasts are getting smaller
  • They get facial hair (and other places)
  • The clitoris gets much bigger

Reason #15: Your Prostate Is Getting Bigger

Every man has a prostate that plays an important role in fertility.

The prostate produces prostatic fluid that transports sperm cells.

All anabolic steroids that are derivatives can affect the cell growth of your prostate.

For example, consider the following DHT derivatives:

  • Stanozolol (Winstrol)
  • Drostanolone (Masteron)
  • androstanolone
  • The prostate is very sensitive to androgenic anabolic steroids and grows considerably if you do a lot of treatment.

As a result, it is more difficult to urinate or even have to deal with a pinching of the urethra due to an enlarged prostate.

Reason #16: They Have an Addictive Effect

Finally, one that should not be missed.

Anabolic steroids have both a physical and mental addictive effect.

By using anabolic agents you get the idea that you can take on the whole world.

During a cure, you feel stronger and probably a lot more confident.

You feel like no one can hurt you. You are the alpha male who is the highest in rank.

But after a course that can be TOTALLY different.

When you stop taking your time, this can turn into negative feelings.

Your strength and muscle mass decrease, because you no longer have that energy and that recovery capacity during your treatment.

The extra muscle mass you create during a period of use is a temporary result.

If you stop using steroids, the result decreases and that is why the use of steroids does not stop at one time for many people.

The psychological effect of using anabolic steroids is ultimately the addictive factor. You really want to stay in the same flow, so you just take another course.

Conclusion: To Use Anabolics Or Not?

It is certainly true that using anabolic steroids will boost your performance and results, but at what cost?

Are you still positive about steroids, despite my 16 reasons?

Then, of course, that is your own decision which I respect.

In any case, you are now aware of the health risks and side effects that steroids and cures entail.

In any case, I want you to consider the following:

  • It is unwise to go-to cure if you are younger than twenty-one years
  • It is completely pointless to go to a cure if your nutrition and training are not right yet
  • First, make sure that you build muscle mass in a natural way (min 3 years training experience)

OK, so you're stubborn and want to start your first course?

In any case, don't make it too complicated.

Some bodybuilders stack several steroids at the same time, but this is not necessary.

First, find out how one anabolic steroid affects your body.

If you order them anyway, I recommend the following course:

  • Testosterone enanthate 250-500 mg per week for 8 weeks.

This is the basis for every anabolic course.

It is the synthetic form of the s3x hormone testosterone.

The enanthate ester also has the advantage that you do not have to inject it daily.

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