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20 Exercise Common Mistakes You Shouldn't Make!

Do you often go to the gym, but barely make any progress? Are you often injured and do you constantly suffer from your muscles? Do you no longer feel like exercising because you no longer enjoy it?

Don't give up on your fitness program just yet, because it doesn't have to be that bad. Perhaps the problem lies in the way you train.

People gym (especially beginners) often make mistakes so they do not get the most out of their workouts. Whatever these mistakes are, I'll tell you.

Read on to find out what the 20 most common mistakes are to prevent or tackle them this way.

  1.  Wrong Cardio.
  2.  Your Grip.
  3.  Reading while exercising.
  4.  Walking With Weights.
  5.  Thinking Cardio Alone Is Enough.
  6.  Wanting to do your reps too fast while exercising.
  7.  Giving Your Abs A Free Ride.
  8.  Wrong Pull Downs.
  9.  Incorrect adjustment of the machine.
  10.  Stretching Cold Muscles Before Working Out.
  11.  Exercising Too Much.
  12.  Forgetting To Have Fun.
  13.  Doing Outdated Exercises.
  14.  Being In A Rut.
  15.  Search for Quick Results.
  16.  Only Loose On Weekends.
  17.  Wanting Too Much Too Soon.
  18.  Skip the warm-up before exercise.
  19.  Forgo the Cool Down.
  20.  Too frugal with water during fitness

Exercise Common Mistakes

1. Wrong Cardio:

Many people in the gym misuse the cardio machines in the gym. They sit on the device with their backs bent and therefore their backs do not get enough support.

So make sure your back is straight when you use these devices.

2. Your Grip:

By gripping the cardio machine too tightly, you can more easily 'cheat' and you will not train optimally.

You will also move your arms less this way while moving your arms can actually increase your heart rate and burn extra calories.

So what you need to do is lightly grip the device. Start with a loose grip and rest your fingers on the levers and once you feel like you have the situation under control you can omit a finger.

3. Reading while exercising:

If your intention is to start reading seriously while working out, then you're doing it wrong and you probably won't complete a good workout.

If you do want to read a bit, you have to keep a close eye on the time and work with intervals. So, for example, do cardio for 4 minutes and then read 2 or 3 pages and continue with cardio.

4. Walking With Weights:

Walking with weights may seem like a good idea because you also do some strength training elements during your cardio workout. However, you quickly put too much strain on your ankles, shins, back, and quads, which can lead to nasty injuries.

So keep cardio and strength training separate!

5. Thinking Cardio Alone Is Enough:

Many people believe that all they need to do to get fit is cardio. This is of course completely wrong because strength training makes your body stronger and burns more calories.

6. Wanting to do your reps too fast while exercising:

When you start with weights, you can sometimes have a tendency to want to complete the reps per set as quickly as possible.

It is better not to do this because by repeating too quickly you increase your blood pressure and you also increase your chance of joint injuries.

7. Giving Your Abs A Free Ride:

Many people who do crunches or train on machines for their lower abs actually engage their abs. The problem is that they often let their torso, neck, and head do the work.

During the exercise, keep a close eye on which muscles you use, so that you don't put the wrong ones to work! If you focus on your abs, you should feel it contract between your ribcage and hip.

8. Wrong Pull Downs:

This is on the device where you have the bar hanging over your head. Some people put their heads forward and then pull the bar down behind their heads.

If you do it this way, you run the risk of injuring your neck and back. So use the device in such a way that you pull the bar in front of you.

9. Incorrect adjustment of the machine:

Devices you use while exercising are made for people of different sizes and sizes. By using a device without looking, you can overload your joints.

For example, you can quickly overload your knees with a device for the legs if the device is not adjusted to your height. You should therefore always adjust the device to your characteristics in order to get the best result.

10. Stretching Cold Muscles Before Working Out:

Going to stretch your muscles is warmed up makes you at risk of muscle strain or tear.

11. Exercising Too Much:

Moving too much during stretching is not good for you and can cause injuries. So try to move as little as possible while stretching. The idea is to try to stretch your body without making it feel uncomfortable.

12. Forgetting To Have Fun:

If you are tired of your routine and you don't feel like running endlessly on the treadmill, you should stop doing this. It shouldn't feel like something obligatory, but fitness is something you do for fun.

Try to keep fitness fun for yourself by varying equipment and exercises and it is often more fun if you go to the gym with someone.

13. Doing Outdated Exercises:

Are you still doing the same exercises as ten years ago? Some of these exercises are probably outdated and can be replaced by better and safer exercises.

So try to stay informed about new exercises by asking people or by looking around the internet.

14. Being In A Rut:

Doing the same exercises over and over is not good for you. You train the same muscles continuously, at the same pace and once you are used to the exercises you will hardly get tired.

Your muscles will become geared to doing the same exercises and be able to perform them efficiently, without expending a lot of energy and burning calories.

So adjust your routine in time (monthly) to prevent your muscles from getting used to the exercises you do.

15. Search for Quick Results:

Many people expect quick results while barely working for it. You will have to be physically active for about 3.5 hours every week to avoid arriving.

If you want to lose pounds and do this by walking for 30 minutes three times a week, without adjusting your diet, you will not have lost a kilo after a month.

Only by exercising more will you get rid of your excess pounds faster.

16. Only Loose On Weekends:

If you only work out two days a week, you will almost never achieve your goal and you will not be able to burn ahead on Monday.

Muscles need rest and training two days in a row is not recommended (especially for beginners). To avoid injuries and problems at work and do not only train on the weekend.

17. Wanting Too Much Too Soon:

Whether on the treadmill, bench press, or at home on the fitness mat, people often want to achieve too much too quickly. If you want to do that too soon, you expose yourself to injuries.

So never start too fast and listen carefully to your body while exercising. A good program, personal trainer, or knowledge can help you with this.

18. Skip the warm-up before exercise:

Without warming up you ask your body to function properly without your muscles getting enough oxygen and blood.

You increase the risk of injuries and when you start doing cardio your heart rate will go up too quickly. If you work with weights, there is a chance that your muscles will tear.

Before you start working out, you should always spend five to ten minutes on a warm-up (treadmill, home trainer, cross trainer) to prepare your body for the workout you are going to do.

19. Forgo the Cool Down:

Do not just stop working out, because without a cool down you increase the chance of muscle pain because you have not worked the lactic acid out of your system.

So spend about ten minutes (depending on your fitness level) after a workout to get your heart rate back to a normal pace.

20. Too frugal with water during fitness:

Your muscles need fluids to contract properly, so if you drink too little, you can experience muscle pain and even cramps.

As soon as you are thirsty you are actually a bit dehydrated, so drink enough water before, during, and after working out.

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