4 Best Core Stability Exercises for Muscle Growth + Schedule

A nice tight body is something that almost everyone wants. It makes you feel fitter, you can't get a tight body without eating healthy, so it also makes you healthier and, finally, you get a lot more self-confidence. Unfortunately, getting a toned body is easier said than done.

Core stability exercises can help you get the toned body you've always wanted. This is why this article will first discuss what core stability exercises are and what they are for, then you will get the best core stability exercises and finally a training schedule to start getting a toned body! The advantage is that you can do many of these exercises at home!

What are core stability exercises?

the core

To know what core stability exercises are, it is useful to first know what your 'core' is. The core actually means your entire body, except your arms and legs. The translation of 'core' is ' core' and it is therefore also referred to as the center of your body. This center point means your abs, back muscles, and glutes.

When training your core you try to build muscle mass, but by this, we don't just mean the muscles you can see when you look in the mirror. The 'deeper' muscles are also trained. In addition, it is also about the bones and nerves in your body.

The stability

They are of course core stability training, but what is meant by stability? Stability means that your body can react when there is a disturbance in your balance. In this case, the core of your body must be able to keep the entire body in balance.

Good balance is when your limbs can move without straining the spine or pelvis. You also have a good balance when you can properly control or reduce the rotation of your body. Finally, your balance is good when you have the ability to produce a force from the ground without losing a lot of energy.

In short, it is the balance of your body through your 'core' or core of your body. A well-balanced body also gives you a strong body and ensures that you have a lesser chance of injuries. Enough reasons to get started with those core stability exercises!

Core Stability Exercises for Muscle Growth

4 Best Core Stability Exercises For Fast Muscle Growth

Because with core stability training you have to approach different muscles (in your back, abdomen, and buttocks), there are also many exercises for this. Here will be discussed the best core stability exercises for fast muscle gains. After this, you will receive a schedule in which these exercises are incorporated and you can immediately get started with it.

1. The Plank (core muscles)

Everyone already knows this exercise, but this is a perfect exercise for your core. With this exercise you train your entire core, so the back, abs, and glutes. It is not too difficult an exercise, so a good exercise for beginners. You train all your muscles with this exercise, because in the first place you tighten your abdomen, but at the same time you also have to keep balance and therefore tighten other muscles.

How do I do this exercise?

Try to have a good posture for this exercise first, otherwise, this exercise will not work well. You should not keep your body too high, but also not too low. You should try as your body horizontal to keep it possible. This means that you keep your body as straight as possible.

After this, the idea is that you actually push your shoulders out. It is therefore not the intention that your shoulder blades are pressed against each other. You should also push your lower back up a bit so that your muscles tighten even more. Try to keep your head down when you perform this exercise because looking ahead will only make the exercise more difficult.

To put your muscles to work, even more, the advice would be to rotate your arms outwards as much as possible. If you're a beginner, however, you can keep your arms a little closer together to make it easier to keep up with the exercise.

You are now ready to start with this exercise and as you probably already know you can do this exercise very easily at home! When the plank comes easy to you this way, you can try making it a little more difficult for yourself by lengthening your body and holding it out longer.

2. The Glute Bridge (Glutes)

The glute bridge is an exercise mainly focused on the buttocks, but the abdominal muscles are also definitely tightened by this exercise. This exercise is also very easy to perform at home and easy for the beginner.

How do I do this exercise?

Lie on the floor and pull your legs up so that your knees are up. Keep your legs apart. You have to press your chin against your chest during this exercise because this makes the exercise even more difficult and the muscles are put to work even more.

The Glute Bridge  - core muscles exercise

After this, place your elbows on the floor and make a fist with your hand. Pull your legs up as far as possible, so as to close to your buttocks as possible. This is the starting position you will start with. Your back should be flat on the floor, so your torso should not be bent.

Now you push your buttocks up, tightening your buttocks and activating your 'glutes', perfect exercise for the buttocks!

3. Superman (back muscles)

This exercise has an exciting name, but the exercise itself is not that bad. The exercise is mainly focused on the muscles in the lower back. This is also an exercise for the deeper muscles that we talked about earlier. In this exercise, you raise your arms and legs. The further up you raise your arms and legs, the harder the exercise.

Superman - back muscles exercise

How do I do this exercise?

For this exercise, you lie flat on your stomach on the floor. You will extend your arms and legs and this will be your starting position. Now raise your arms and legs a bit at the same time and hold this position for a few seconds (3-5 seconds or longer if this is too easy for you). You repeat this a number of times and that is actually the entire exercise. So very easy!

4. Russian Twists (abs)

This exercise emphasizes the lower and side of the abs, making a twisting motion. You can also perform this exercise at home. It is useful if you have a weight at home. This makes the exercise a bit heavier and you will have faster results.

You can also easily do this exercise with a ball or if you don't have weights around even with a book or something similar. So many possibilities!

How do I do this exercise?

Sit on the floor and pull your legs up so that your knees come up. Keep your feet on the floor and lift your torso up a bit. Hold the weight in your hands (or the other object that was nearby) and then twist your body back and forth. This will tighten your abdominal muscles and give you a nice tight stomach.

Seated Russian Twist - abdominal workouts at home

There are several variations of this exercise. The first, which we discussed above, is the easiest variant. So you keep your feet on the floor, which makes the exercise easier. If this variant is easy for you, you can go for the more difficult variant where you keep your feet off the ground. Take a heavier weight and keep it up for longer. This will give you even more results from this exercise!

Training schedule

Now that you have exercises for the back, abs, and glutes, we can start the training schedule. Within this schedule, we start with a gentle exercise and gradually increase the pace and difficulty.

If you don't like this training schedule or the exercises, you can of course easily add other core exercises that suit you more to the schedule. This is just an example, so you don't have to stick to it.

1. Shelf

We start with the plank because this is a relatively easy exercise and it immediately stimulates all the muscles within the core. To do this exercise properly, follow the steps given earlier and start planking.

Try to hold the plank for 30 seconds. If this doesn't work, it's no problem; then you simply start with a shorter time and then build it up. If the exercise becomes too easy, try for example 1 minute or make the exercise more difficult by stretching your body further.

Repeat this exercise about three times (than three times for 30 seconds, for example).

Video: 10 minutes core stability workout

2. Glute Bridge

We then move on to the glutes with the glute bridge. This exercise is also quite easy, but it will definitely give you a tight butt. Follow the steps previously given to perform this exercise correctly and start with the glute bridge.

Also for this exercise, start by doing this for 30 seconds. Even if this exercise is too easy for you, you can try to do it longer. You can also, for example, put a weight on your stomach, which you then hold with your hands, making it heavier. Also try to hold the position for a few seconds with this exercise, because of this the result will be greater.

Repeat this exercise three times. When you've mastered the exercise and it gets too easy, do the exercise four times and keep increasing the number of times.

3. Russian Twists

We now move on to the Russian twists. This exercise is easy to perform, but very heavy and therefore difficult to maintain. Follow the steps indicated earlier and then start with the Russian twists.

You can do the Russian twist for 20 seconds, but you can also choose to determine yourself that you want to be able to do 30 in a row, for example. It's not surprising if you can't keep it up for a long time, in the beginning, just do it for less time or less often. You can also repeat this exercise three times.

You can make this exercise harder by taking a heavier weight in your hands or by lifting your feet off the floor, as mentioned earlier.

4. Superman

This exercise also seems very easy, but many people have quite a bit of trouble raising their arms and legs. It is therefore not surprising if you do not immediately succeed in keeping this up for a long time. To make it easier, you can choose not to hold this exercise for a while, but to continue straight away. That way you will probably last longer.

Try doing this exercise for 20 seconds. To make it more difficult, you can increase the number of seconds again or increase the number of times you do the exercise. Do this exercise three times in the beginning.

Of course, in addition to the core stability exercises mentioned above, there are many others. Here are a few chosen that are important and to train all the muscles within the core. Hopefully, you can move forward with these exercises and with the schedule and you will soon have the toned body you want!

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