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5 Reasons to Never Buy Testosterone Pills + 10 Side Effects

When you look around the gym, you secretly feel yourself shrink a bit. All around you are men who - when soaked in a bottle of oil - would not look out of place on the stage of a bodybuilding competition. Huge arms and bulging thigh muscles. Then your gaze falls on yourself, in the large mirror on the wall. Compared to them, you just feel very lanky.

Your Solution: Switch to Testosterone Pills. You've heard about it in the hallways—at the gym. Because even you can still see that many of those muscles you encounter in the gym were not created by physical exertion and diet alone. What harm could it do to try such a tool yourself? The answer: more than you think!

5 reasons why you should not buy testosterone pills

  1. There is not enough clinical evidence yet on how it works
  2. Your health is deteriorating
  3. It can grow muscle mass… but so can other things
  4. There may be even more (dangerous) risks involved than are known
  5. Your dose is not adjusted to your health
Side Effects of Testosterone Pills

What are Testosterone Pills?

Testosterone is already naturally present in the body – in both men and women, although the amount is smaller in women. Testosterone is the male s3x hormone. Hormones are chemical messengers that trigger necessary changes in the body. For example, testosterone in puberty encourages facial hair growth, broader shoulders, and muscle development.

Among other things, it regulates:

  • Fertility
  • Libido
  • fat distribution
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Production of sperm
  • bone mass
  • Muscle mass (size and strength)

Testosterone also contributes to libido, bone density, and muscle strength in women.

However, an excess of testosterone in a woman can cause her to experience baldness and become infertile.

Testosterone levels are controlled by the brain and pituitary gland; a part of the brain that secretes hormones that help with growth, blood pressure, and functions of the s3x organs. Once the hormones are produced, they move through the blood to perform their many important functions.

Testosterone Pills Side Effects

Chemically speaking, testosterone is also an (anabolic) steroid. This is what makes testosterone supplements so incredibly popular among athletes. They see it as performance-enhancing drugs. Taking the supplements stimulates their natural testosterone production.

This increases their muscle mass and strength, which helps them perform better (more on this later).

Choosing Testosterone Pills

Although testosterone plays a major role in many bodily functions, it is not self-evident that it is always present in abundance in your body. For example, you don't always feel like s3x, because your testosterone levels rise and fall during the day. For some men, this means that they have more s3x drive in the morning.

Testosterone levels don't just fluctuate during the day, you experience testosterone fluctuations throughout your life. In addition, the levels start to decrease after you 30 e.

This could mean that you have less interest in s3x later in life, and that you get fewer (firm) erections.

testosterone levels by age

And when there is less testosterone in your body, this will logically mean that what the hormone normally triggers also occurs to a lesser extent. In other words, where testosterone normally regulates a number of things in your body, it now does so to a lesser extent. So that means that…

  • … your fertility decreases.
  • … lowers your libido.
  • ... your fat is less well distributed.
  • … there is less production of red blood cells.
  • … there is less sperm production.
  • … the bone mass is boosted less.
  • … your muscle mass and strength decrease.

As if less s3x drive wasn't bad enough, lower testosterone levels could also kill your desire to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. However, what could provide a way out is testosterone pills. This boosts your natural testosterone production, as it were.

The effect of testosterone pills

Testosterone pills are a form of herbal supplement that aims to increase your testosterone levels in a natural way. They can work directly by increasing testosterone to normal levels or through hormones. Either way, both are there to help you recover faster and build bigger, stronger muscles.

The effect of testosterone pills is in the ingredients. A high-quality natural testosterone booster contains at least a majority of the following ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid. This is an important amino acid that is the biggest testosterone booster in most testosterone supplements.
  • Zinc. Low levels of zinc in the body can contribute to low testosterone levels. Zinc is an important component in muscle production.
  • Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for the production of hormones, including the hormone testosterone.
  • fenugreek. This plant is often used in certain recipes. It also plays a role in increasing libido.
  • Saw Palmetto. This fatty acid does not directly increase hormone levels, but it does help prevent prostate growth.
  • ginseng. This herb is an important addition to all types of natural testosterone supplements. It increases energy and stimulates testosterone production.
  • Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most popular testosterone supplements. It boosts testosterone levels – and can enable men to have powerful erections and have more s3x drive.
  • Damania. This shrub has been proven to boost the production of testosterone in the body.
testosterone levels

So are testosterone pills the solution for more muscle mass and strength?

It all sounds very promising. You continue to work hard in the gym, but every now and then you take a testosterone pill. So you still have to make the physical effort to get the body of your dreams, but you get an extra boost from the pills. These are also made with natural ingredients. Your dream body is suddenly within reach.

But if something sounds too good to be true, it often is. Admittedly, in theory, it really is as easy as it seems. Testosterone pills can give an extra boost to your natural testosterone production, increasing your muscle mass and strength.

However, what you should absolutely not underestimate are the dangers and side effects that you run the risk of if you take the pills.

Side Effects of Testosterone Pills

You could argue that the side effects of testosterone pills are fairly mild – after all, the ingredients are natural. Nevertheless, they can get in the way of your daily life, and could even cause problems in the long term. The question is whether you think it is worth these complications.

Side effects of testosterone pills include:

  • Skin reactions such as oily skin, with an increased risk of acne, especially on the back. Just think: during puberty, your testosterone was very high, and that's when you had acne. A good body can therefore be accompanied by pimpled skin at the same time.
  • Difficulty sleeping and sleep apnea. And a good night's sleep ensures good (physical) health.
  • While testosterone is very effective at building muscle, it does not necessarily help the growth of the supporting ligaments and tendons. Too fast muscle growth can therefore cause complications
  • A possible side effect of testosterone pills is damage to the kidneys, in case the pills are used for a (too) long period.
  • Irregular urination and thinner urine streams.
  • Too much testosterone can lead to aggressive behavior. If you notice that you get a short fuse faster and that you suddenly experience much more tantrums, it is not advisable to continue taking the pills.
  • If you take the testosterone pills for a long time, increased red blood cell levels can lead to heart disease.
  • Testosterone pills can increase prostate-specific antigen levels. This may indicate enlargement or inflammation of the prostate or prostate cancer.
  • Another side effect of testosterone pills is mood swings. This seems contradictory, as elevated levels of the hormone are supposed to improve mood. However, the pills can cause atypical behavior (for the person), such as depressive or aggressive behavior.
  • Some people who take testosterone pills report an increased sense of fear and anxiety.

5 reasons why you should not buy testosterone pills

As fantastic as the pills sound, it is advisable not to buy them. In the first place, there are many annoying, and in some cases even harmful, side effects. But there are even more reasons to leave the pills on the shelf and opt for a different solution.

Reason #1: There is not enough clinical evidence yet on how it works

Clinicians indicate that:

Testosterone treatment has not (yet) been scientifically proven as a method of preventing physical or psychological changes that men with normal testosterone levels may experience as they age.

They would therefore like to see the use of testosterone, with punctuality, only in people with an extreme lack of testosterone. It is not a 'miracle cure'. There simply isn't enough clinical evidence to support its current popular use.

The story can also take a different turn: the ingredients used in the testosterone pills have long been scientifically proven not to work. It has also been scientifically proven that raising your testosterone levels to a slightly higher-than-normal level will only cause you to notice an increase in your libido.

Your muscles do not increase in mass and strength.

All in all, you can actually say that there is still not enough evidence for the possible effect of testosterone pills. So is it worth the risk of the side effects and dangers to take them anyway?

Reason #2: Your health is deteriorating

Another good reason to forgo testosterone pills – they can cause your health to deteriorate. In addition to the long list of side effects, a number of ingredients in the pills can cause an imbalance of your blood cholesterol. It lowers your good cholesterol. Research has shown that this increases the risk of heart disease.

Reason #3: It can grow muscle mass… but so can other things

The reason that you choose to take testosterone pills is of course that you hope to obtain your muscular dream body through it. And it might indeed ensure that your arms, legs, and back, among other things, become a lot wider. But what swallowing the pills can also cause is something you ab-so-lutely can't wait for – moobs ( man boobs ).

In other words, by taking testosterone pills you can develop 'men's breasts' (or actually: women's breasts). This is because testosterone can build up, causing it to be broken down. This causes an imbalance of s3x hormones.

Estrogen, which men also make in small amounts, becomes the dominant hormone.

Because estrogen takes over, a certain degree of 'feminization' takes place in the man's body. The same thing happens when women undergo testosterone treatment – ​​they become more masculine (deeper voice, more body hair, smaller breasts, etc.).

Reason #4: There maybe even more (dangerous) risks involved than are known

Although testosterone use is highly praised by athletes or providers, it is not regulated by government agencies. In fact, the products are not even legally obliged to have the products set and evaluated for quality and safety. In fact, you as a consumer are completely unprotected against the possible dangers.

Reason #5: Your dose is not adjusted to your health

Based on natural ingredients and available without a prescription or not – you play by taking the pills with your own hormone balance, with your own health. You take the pills in an attempt to rectify something in your body, but there is really no professional opinion involved here. You are not first thoroughly examined through blood tests, etc

It's nice that your friends recommend that you take the pills, but given their lack of medical knowledge in this area, you'd better question their judgment. (Unless you are blessed friends in this field, of course. Always handy.) Because when you 'just buy the pills, you bring your health – and your life! – in danger.

Boost your testosterone in a natural way

Instead of putting all kinds of remedies into your body, you can also choose to increase your testosterone levels in a completely natural way. For example in the following ways:

  • Lose the excess pounds of body fat
  • Get enough (and good!) sleep
  • Be intimate in the morning (with your partner)
  • Exercise regularly
  • eat garlic
  • Make sure you get enough exposure to sunlight
  • Avoid sugar
  • Reduce your stress
  • eat vegetables
  • Get enough healthy fats

In other words, by taking good care of yourself, you will produce more testosterone. This way you will not only get closer to getting your dream body, but your overall health will improve.

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