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6 Risks Growth Hormone Bodybuilding + 3 Alternatives

If you've ever tried to train a beautiful body in the gym, I don't have to tell you that it's very hard work. If you want the body of your dreams, then you have to be okay with pushing yourself at the gym day in and day out. It is therefore not surprising that some think that this should be easier and therefore look for shortcuts.

One such shortcut is the use of growth hormones. The use of certain hormones can make it easier to build muscle mass. That way you don't have to put as much work into your body. However, in this article, I want to warn you about this. There are a lot of important disadvantages and risks to the use of growth hormones, so in my opinion, it is better to ignore them. This article is structured as follows:

  • Why you should not use growth hormones: 6 risks
  • How do I make bodybuilding easier without hormones? 3 alternatives

Content of this article:

Why you should not use growth hormones: 6 risks

  • Risk 1: You can get serious diseases from it
  • Risk 2: Hormones can lead to serious, permanent injuries
  • Risk 3: You can get heart problems if you use hormones
  • Risk 4: Hormones can lead to feminine physical characteristics in men
  • Risk 5: Hormones can make men less fertile and have erection problems
  • Risk 6: Women can acquire masculine characteristics through hormone use

How do I make bodybuilding easier without hormones? 3 alternatives

  • Alternative 1: Eat enough protein
  • Alternative 2: Eat mainly unsaturated fat
  • Alternative 3: Drink enough water
Risks Growth Hormone

Why you should not use growth hormones: 6 risks

I can understand why growth hormones seem attractive to bodybuilders. Who wouldn't want to get the most out of their hours in the gym, or achieve the same results as normal with less effort? However, there are so many risks with the use of hormones that in my opinion, it is never worth it. The risks of hormone use are as follows:

  1. You can get serious illnesses
  2. Hormones can lead to serious, permanent injuries
  3. You can get heart problems if you use hormones
  4. Hormones can lead to feminine physical characteristics in men
  5. Men can become less fertile and have erection problems due to hormones
  6. Women can acquire masculine characteristics through hormone use

Risk 1: You can get serious diseases from it

If you are looking for growth hormone, while

if you don't have any health problems, you won't be able to get this through the usual channels. The pharmacy won't want to sell you growth hormone, so you'll have to resort to less reliable sources. For example, many bodybuilders buy their hormones via the internet (usually from Eastern Europe ).

However, if you inject things into your body that don't come from a very reliable source, you are obviously taking a lot of risks. You have no guarantee whatsoever that these are healthy hormones and that they do not contain too high doses. In short: it could just be that you incur all kinds of illnesses and health problems.

“If there is one thing that is bad for your muscle building, it is a serious disease!”

Let me take the Eastern European hormones as an example. Hormones derived from human brains are still sold in Eastern Europe. We no longer use such a hormone for medical purposes, because it can give you Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. Viruses such as HIV can also be transmitted in this way ( source ).

If you care even the slightest bit about your health, then of course you don't want to take that risk.

Risk 2: Hormones can lead to serious, permanent injuries

If you take hormones as a bodybuilder, it's because you want bigger muscles. However, you can also achieve the opposite effect this way. The use of hormones can cause injuries. Sometimes these are temporary, but they can also be permanent damage to your muscles. In that case, your dream body is out of reach for good!

This has to do with hormones stimulating your muscle growth in an unnatural way. For example, your muscles become stronger through the use of hormones, but your tendons do not. This can prevent your muscles from becoming too large in relation to your tendons. Your tendons are then stretched, or your muscles tear.

"It's better to take time for your body now, otherwise you can ruin it for good later."

In the worst cases, muscles can even tear completely. This sometimes happens, for example, with the pectoralis major. When this happens to you, you understand that a beautiful gym body will never be in it again.

Risk 3: You can get heart problems if you use hormones

The interaction of all the different hormones in your body is very complex. There is therefore no such thing as a hormone that only ensures better muscle growth. The hormone will always have other effects on the body as well. One such effect, one that is very common, is high blood pressure.

Of course, if you have higher blood pressure, that also means that your heart has to pump harder. So your heart has to continuously work harder. If you take hormones over a longer period of time, this can therefore cause your heart to increase in size. Of course, you want most muscles to get bigger, but believe me, you definitely don't want that with your heart.

If you have a heart muscle that is too thick, it can cause problems with pumping blood. So you can have problems with your blood circulation. This results in a lot of different problems. For example, you will get tired faster, or your muscles will be damaged because they do not receive enough oxygen.

Risk 4: Hormones can lead to feminine physical characteristics in men

As I mentioned earlier in this article, your hormone balance is very complex and fragile. Your body only functions properly if hormones are present in the right amounts. If you mess with this hormone system, by injecting other hormones yourself, it can really mess things up. For example, growth hormones cause you to produce more estrogen as a man. This hormone is also called the female hormone.

"If you take growth hormones as a man, it's usually not because you want breasts."

In men who use hormones for a longer period of time, female physical characteristics often develop over time. The best example of this is probably breast shaping. Bodybuilders who use hormones can often be identified by their feminine-looking breasts. These also become more sensitive as a result of the hormones.

However, lesser-known female characteristics can also be caused by hormones. You can think of fat deposits on the back and hips, something that does not really fit into the ideal picture of the male body. Excessive moisture retention is also something that occurs relatively often.

Risk 5: Hormones can make men less fertile and have erection problems

Messing with your hormones can therefore have major consequences, and more feminine features are not the only example of this. The production of testosterone, the male hormone, is also influenced by the use of growth hormones. This ensures that the male body can no longer function properly in various ways.

First of all, this affects seed production. With a lower testosterone production, fewer sperm cells are produced. This means that you become less fertile. In some cases, sperm production eventually returns to its previous level when you stop using hormones. However, there are also cases where men have become permanently less fertile due to the use of growth hormones.

Also, erection problems can occur due to a lack of testosterone. This can be erectile dysfunction, but also long-lasting, painful erections. In addition, your scrotum can also shrink if you use growth hormone. Sometimes it grows back to its old size, but in some cases, it remains permanently smaller than before.

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Risk 6: Women can acquire masculine characteristics through hormone use

I have just discussed some of the consequences of hormone use specifically for men, but unpleasant effects can also arise in women. Where men can develop feminine characteristics, women can acquire masculine characteristics.

An effect that you see relatively quickly is the emergence of more masculine facial features in women. For example, women get a wider jaw. A more masculine hair pattern also quickly develops. As a woman, you get bald spots, and inlets can form in the hairline.

“Just because as a woman you want more muscles, doesn't mean you want to look like a man!”

Women's behavior can also become more stereotypically masculine through hormone use. For example, women can become more aggressive and get more s3xual urges. Something not necessarily masculine, but perhaps not necessarily desirable, is clitoral growth. Until sot, menstrual disorders can occur as a result of the use of growth hormones.

How do I make bodybuilding easier without hormones? 3 alternatives

I hope I have made it clear to you by now that using hormones is not a good idea. You may also find that a bit of a disappointment because you could use a little help reaching your fitness goals. In that case, I have good news for you: there are also other tools that can help you with this. With these 3 alternatives I will close this article:

  1. Eat enough protein
  2. Eat mostly unsaturated fat
  3. Drink enough water

Alternative 1: Eat enough protein

If there is one substance that your body needs to build muscle, it is protein, also known as protein. Proteins are not only extremely important for building muscle, but also for maintaining it. So how much muscle mass your body can grow depends on how much protein you have in your body.

“If you want to build muscle, you need the right building blocks.”

If you train a little seriously, you should get at least 2 grams of protein per day for every pound of body weight. You really should see this as a minimum. For most serious bodybuilders I would recommend sitting a little above this.

You can get protein through protein shakes, but you can also do this by getting the right nutrition. Especially animal products, such as meat and dairy, contain a lot of proteins.

However, that does not mean that vegans and vegetarians cannot get protein, because there are also plenty of vegetable products that are rich in protein. If you would like to get a little more protein, buy the following products more often:

  • Chicken or turkey
  • Fish (especially tuna)
  • Eggs
  • grades
  • beans
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Spinach

Alternative 2: Eat mainly unsaturated fat

Food can be a huge balancing act when doing bodybuilding. On the one hand, you don't want to build up fat, because that just gets in the way of your muscles. On the other hand, you must have enough fuel in your body if you want to maintain a heavy training regime. You can make this a little easier by choosing the right fuel.

When it comes to fuels, sugar is very easily converted into fat. This makes sugar a bad fuel for bodybuilders. Saturated fat causes a whole lot of health problems. Carbohydrates are also not good for a muscular body, as any bodybuilder will tell you. So what you are left with is unsaturated fat.

Unsaturated fat is good for your circulation, making your body healthier and working better. A well-functioning body is of course a lot better at building muscle mass.

In addition, unsaturated fat is not quickly converted into body fat. So you don't have to worry about getting fat. The following nutrients are rich in unsaturated fat:

  • Vette vis
  • Avocado’s
  • Nuts and seeds
  • olives
  • Vegetable oil
  • Pinda's

Of course, you still have to watch your calorie intake, because anything can make you fat if you eat enough of it.

Alternative 3: Drink enough water

Finally, I would like to briefly mention the importance of drinking water. Water is essential for proper combustion in your body. So if you want to keep body fat away, water is crucial. In addition, it also has an instrumental function in building and preserving muscles.

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