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8 Ultimate Tips for Natural Bodybuilders

Do you want to become incredibly strong as a natural bodybuilder? That is still quite difficult! We have looked up the 8 ultimate tips for natural bodybuilders for you!
  • Tip 1: progressive overload
  • Tip 2: technique, technique, technique
  • Tip 3: compound exercises vs. isolated workout
  • Tip 4: Take a rest
  • Tip 5: vary your training schedule
  • Tip 6: train together
  • Tip 7: Keep a training log
  • Tip 8: stretch and stretch
Tips for Natural Bodybuilders

Ultimate 1: progressive overload

Muscle mass grows when you use your muscles. Unfortunately, it is not about just using your muscles, but about challenging and stimulating your muscles. To gain muscle mass as a natural bodybuilder, you have to force your body to adapt.

Your body is made for your survival. This means that if you constantly expose your body to fatigue, which occurs when you train hard, your body will make you less likely to tire from strenuous exercise. This is done by strengthening your muscles!

To use progressive overload properly, you need to know when you can make your training heavier. The idea of ​​progressive overload is that you progressively increase your performance. Therefore, listen carefully to your body to determine how hard you trained n.

“If you just increase the weight of your training, it can lead to injuries.”

If an exercise feels too easy, you can make the exercise harder. Make sure that your muscles recover faster than your bones and joints. It is possible that you have very fast muscle growth so that the exercises seem very easy at first if you add extra weight.

Do you suddenly get very tired after a few sets? Then your body may not be ready for it because your bones and joints are not yet trained enough. Then pick up your old weight and do more reps than before.

Progressive overload is not only possible by increasing your weight, it can also be done in other ways. You can read this below!

More reps

As I just said, if the next weight is still too heavy, you can increase the number of reps. Instead of 3 sets of 10 reps, do 3 sets of 12 reps. This small difference means that you stimulate your muscles a little more than before. Preferably do this with the aim of increasing the weight. Exercising with too many reps can lead to injuries, such as osteoarthritis.

Shorter breaks

In between sets, you should always take a break so that your body can recover for the next set. Is the exercise too easy? Then take shorter breaks. You will notice that the second or third set suddenly becomes very heavy in this way.

Greater range of motion

Some people only perform a squat halfway. They do not sink all the way to the ground, but to a 90-degree angle. This is basically just as good, for some people even better. Not everyone is anatomically capable of sinking that deep. Can you do this? Then that is also a good way to apply progressive overload.

Time under tension (TUT)

TUT is another way of training that is very good for strengthening your muscles. TUT is less successful for muscle growth, but because your muscles do become very strong from TUT, you can then pick up a heavier weight.

What is TUT? TUT is the time you strain your muscles within one rep. If you normally lower the weight in two seconds and quickly lift it up, you can now try to lower the weight in three seconds and lift it again in two seconds. This is pretty heavy!

Ultimate 2: technique, technique, technique

As a natural bodybuilder, it is even more important to have your technique under control. Poor technique can hinder your performance and lead to serious injuries. And you understand it yourself; If you can't exercise for a few months due to a muscle injury, your muscles will not grow either!

With good technique, you can also lift more weight. However, developing good techniques for new exercises can be quite tricky.

To develop a good technique as a natural bodybuilder, there are a number of things you have to do! First of all, you should be well informed about the exercises: read up on the internet, ask other bodybuilders and gym employees or even a physiotherapist if you are unsure about your technique.

“Bodybuilding is not just physical: mind over body is important if you want to maintain good technique.”

It is then best to perform the movement without weights first. Practice the move slowly and then grab a lightweight to see how it feels. While performing the exercise, it is important to visualize your muscles and to feel how you want to move.

Ultimate 3: compound exercises vs. isolated workout

There are two types of exercises for increasing/improving your muscle mass: compound exercises and isolated training. While a bodybuilder who uses all kinds of means to develop extra muscle growth will grow muscles anyway, you as a natural bodybuilder will have to think more carefully about which exercises you use for what.

Compound exercises are exercises in which you train several muscles at the same time. These are great exercises. For example, think of:

  • bench press
  • Shoulder press
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Rowing
  • Years of pulls

As a natural bodybuilder, you can build up a lot of muscle mass with compound exercises. You can perform the exercises much heavier than if you train the muscles in isolation. And you know it: more challenge means more muscle growth. Your muscles also recover faster, because the weight is distributed over different muscles.

With isolated training, you isolate a certain muscle group. Where you train your pecs, triceps, and shoulder muscles with the bench press, you will choose one muscle group with an isolated exercise. This includes exercises such as:

  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Leg extensions
  • Shoulder fly

What do you achieve with this? More detail in your muscles. Big muscles are not always beautiful muscles. By training the muscles separately, you can give them extra attention if necessary.

Ultimate 4: take a rest

'PEACE? I just want to train!' After all, your muscles don't grow without training, right? No indeed, without training your muscles will not grow. But without rest, your muscles will only shrink!

A lesson in biology: when you exercise, you challenge your muscles. You actually break down the muscle cells. This is where energy comes from for the movement of your muscles.

By resting, your body has time to replace the broken down muscle cells with stronger muscle cells.

Each muscle group needs a minimum of 48 hours of rest. This of course depends on your fitness, diet, sleep, and how hard you have trained, but 48 hours is a good guideline. Do you have to do nothing at all in those 48 hours? New! You can safely train other muscle groups.

Ultimate 5: vary your training schedule

As I explained in tip 1, muscles need new stimuli to grow. Certainly, as a natural bodybuilder, you will run into a plateau after a while where you no longer achieve the desired results.

Do you notice that you are running into this plateau? Then it is wise to vary your training schedule. Of course, you want to keep training the same muscle groups, otherwise, your results will be lost.

A simple way to vary is to do the exercises in a different order. If your muscles have become accustomed to a certain sequence of exercises, a different sequence already provides a new stimulus. For example, did you do the bench press first, then shoulder press, then lat pulls? Then do shoulder press for a few weeks, then lat pulls, then bench press!

You can also replace certain exercises with other exercises. You can replace a lat pull with pull-ups, lunges with Bulgarian split squats, and barbell rows with dumbbell rows. As a result, you still train the muscles, but just in a different way.

Yet another way to vary your workout is to change the number of reps and sets, or the way you perform them. Do you always do one exercise with two minutes of rest between each set? Then do supersets. With supersets, you do exercises in groups of three, and you don't rest until you've done all three exercises.

Be careful not to change the training schedule too often, because you also have to give your muscles time to learn the movements well and spend time on progressive overload. It is best to only vary when you have the idea that you are no longer growing in the progressive overload.

Ultimate 6: train together

Exercising on your own can get tricky after a while. If you become less motivated, you will quickly look for excuses not to go to the gym. A gym buddy can be the solution for this.

In addition, a gym buddy is motivating to challenge yourself extra in the gym. This allows you to grow faster and as a natural bodybuilder, you can become even stronger, bigger, and more beautiful.

You can also exchange tips about exercises, nutrition, and ways not to lose your motivation.

You have to be careful when choosing a gym buddy. If it is someone with little motivation, this can cause you to lose your motivation, and you want to prevent this! So make sure you find someone who is even more motivated than you!

You also have to be careful not to choose a show-off as a gym buddy. Someone more experienced than you is a good choice, but someone who trains poorly for the purpose of looking cool can push you beyond your limits and injure yourself. Therefore, learn to know your own limits and to stand up for yourself if you have a gym buddy who goes beyond your limits as a natural bodybuilder!

Ultimate 7: keep a training log

Are you a little forgetful? Then it is wise to keep a training log. In a training log you record all the exercises you do, how hard you do them, and how many reps and sets you to do.

How do you make a training log? Buy a diary, write down the exercises you do, the weight you use, and how many reps and sets you to do every day you go to the gym. Stick to this too!

Here's a simple example of a training log:

Monday, March 7, 2021 (upper body):

  • Warming up: 3×10 push-ups en 3x 5 pull-ups
  • Bench press (30 kilograms): 3×12
  • Shoulder press (20 kilograms): 3×12
  • Years of pulls (40 kilograms): 3 × 15
  • Bicep curls (15 kilograms): 4×10
  • Tricep extensions (17,5 kilogram): 4×10

Wednesday 9 March 2021 (leg day):

  • Warm-up: 30 minutes of cycling
  • Barbell squats (50 kilogram): 3×10
  • Deadlifts (25 kilograms): 3×8
  • Bulgarian split squats (2 dumbbells van 10 kilograms): 3×12
  • Leg extension (30 kilogram): 3×12
  • Leg curls (32,5 kilogram): 3×12

Saturday, March 12, 2021 (core)

  • Warm-up: 10 minutes of running
  • Superset: 3 keer 25 sit-ups, 15 leg raises en 20 reverse crunches

Ultimate 8: stretch and stretch

Almost every bodybuilder forgets to stretch and stretch. However, as a natural bodybuilder, it is extremely important to stretch and stretch for good results.

When you train, your muscles become shorter. This means that you lose your flexibility by being intensively involved in natural bodybuilding. This shortens your reach, making it harder for you to perform the exercises.

Plus, you can get injured if you don't stretch and stretch. Your muscles get overloaded faster because less blood flows through the cramped muscles. Also, the lack of flexibility can increase the chance of tearing a muscle.

Proper stretching and stretching can also improve your results. It gives the muscles a short warm-up and ensures that there is more room for the production of muscle fibers because the tendons and attachments are stretched.

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