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A Healthier Life With Life Fitness!

Fitness is popular nowadays, but that doesn't mean that people weren't concerned with their health in the past. Many well-known and major products and distributors of fitness products have been around for decades, making and supplying good and efficient products.

You often know these big brands by name, but you probably don't all know what the history of such a brand is and what they all produce and pursue.

So today I'm going to talk about a fitness brand that you may know by name, but that you don't know much about. The name of this brand is Life Fitness and its aim is to help people live healthier lives.

So read on to learn more about this brand, what is the history of this brand, why is it successful and what kind of products does it market?

Life Fitness: the history

As with many things, if you want to know more about it, it's best to look at the past first. So this is what I did for Life Fitness and I will now share with you what I learned.

For starters, I looked at the origins of the brand, so where and when was it founded?

The origin of the company lies in America around 1970. In 1968 a certain Mr. Dimick created an exercise bike to improve his own condition. This invention inspired entrepreneurs Ray Wilson and Augie Nieto to create the Life Fitness brand.

Life Fitness: the history

The goal of these two entrepreneurs was to create equipment that would give generations of athletes, trainers, and anyone who wanted to exercise a healthier and happier life.

Lacking their own equipment, they decided in 1970 to buy Mr. Dimick's design and marketed this exercise bike under the name LifeCycle. At the time, it was the first electronic stationary bicycle for sale.

Life Fitness: Contemporary

Today, Life Fitness is a global company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of fitness equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills.

The company has a total of about 1,700 employees, produces fitness equipment in 12 countries, sells it in 120 countries, and offers more than 300 different products.

How come the brand has been successful for so long and why does it remain very popular when there are plenty of other brands on the market?

This is mainly due to the reputation that the brand has built up over the years. Life Fitness fitness equipment has a very good reputation in terms of functionality, technology, and design. The devices it markets are also very reliable and also durable.

Everything at the brand revolves around healthy and active living and the products are also conceived and made with this in mind. The developers of the brand think of both the user and the club owners when designing.

The developers see it as their mission to support gym owners and managers with a wide range of high-quality fitness solutions. They adapt designs to the wishes and goals of consumers.

Life Fitness, therefore, provides products that fit exactly with those goals by offering various options and customization options in terms of function, size, or color.

As I said before, the brand is also known for its functionality, the brand comes up with high-tech solutions so that athletes can literally and figuratively connect with the fitness equipment. As a result, the brand offers a personal way of exercising that you could only dream of in the past.

The brand also continuously tries to improve its own products, so that athletes can continue to develop. By using their own material intensively, they get to know their own products as well as possible and can make improvements if necessary. In the past half-century, the product range has therefore grown very consciously and expanded enormously.

According to the Life Fitness philosophy, you can't encourage other people to live better if you don't lead by example. The brand also claims that you will find more sports bags than coffee mugs in their offices and that their showrooms function as fitness rooms for their employees.

Life Fitness: the products

After all this talk, it's time to get into the most important thing, which is the products the brand is marketing. Life Fitness mainly focuses on cardio equipment, which includes exercise bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, summit trainers, and stair climbers.

According to Life Fitness, their exercise bikes are of such good quality that they can also be used in a semi-professional room if necessary and their exercise bikes are so quiet thanks to the latest technology that you can read a book or listen to your favorite music while cycling. listen.

Furthermore, most exercise bikes have multiple training programs and the position in which you sit is anatomically correct so that you can perform your workout optimally and safely.

They also claim that the treadmills are of such good quality that they can be used everywhere, so both at home and at your gym around the corner.

In addition to a beautiful and well-thought-out design, the treadmills offer several personal options, additional programs, and a running surface with adjustable hardness. In this way, you can reduce the load on your knees and joints by up to 30%.

If you purchase a treadmill from the brand, you also receive a minimum 10-year warranty on the motor system that is in it. This MagnaDrive Motor System is also very strong and quiet.

Life Fitness markets several types of elliptical cross trainers, but all these versions offer you an effective and low-impact workout for your entire body.

Thanks to years of innovation and research, the brand now claims to offer a challenging, inviting, comfortable, durable, and quite cross trainer on the market. Like many other devices from the brand, you can also complete individual training programs with the elliptical cross-trainer.

According to Life Fitness, their summit trainer offers a new way of training. This is because they have added a climbing option to an elliptical trainer. A result is a revolutionary machine that offers a challenge to athletes of all fitness levels.

The user can set the stride lengths on the device and can also determine the intensity of the exercise on the basis of five different training positions. So you can tackle multiple muscle groups at your own pace.

The brand also markets several versions of the stairclimber. The Integrity Series stairclimber provides itself with energy and allows you to supplement your gym with varied cardio exercises.

The mechanism of the device simulates a natural movement of each leg when climbing a flight of stairs. Thanks to good technologies, however, your knees and joints are less stressed than when you go up a flight of stairs in real life.

Many of the products I just covered also offer the option to connect your smartphone or tablet so that you can listen to music or watch a series during your workout. The idea behind this is that this will lead to extra motivation during exercise.

In addition to cardio equipment, the brand also markets a wide range of strength training. These are, for example, free weights and insert weights, but also entire devices.

One of the Life Fitness devices that focuses on strength training at home is the G7 Home Gym. This home appliance is designed based on the popular model that you will find mainly in gyms.

According to the brand, the G7 Home Gym is the best product on the market in terms of training and customization options. The G7 has exclusive features that allow you to create your own workouts and track your progress.

Its personalized features make it easy for users of all levels to get started and stay motivated.

Life Fitness: Series

More expensive devices that you will see, especially in gyms, are divided into series by brands, such as the Elevation Series, the Insignia Series, Synrgy BlueSky, HD Elite, and Hammer Strength Select.

The brand itself says that the Elevation Series combines superior biomechanics, good design, and excellent connectivity for athletes and gym owners alike.

The Insignia Series as the brand offers the optimal interaction between athlete and machine. A striking appearance is combined with flowing movements. The power line is attractive to athletes of all levels.

Synrgy BlueSky brings strength training outside. Five modular stations for bodyweight training and six different connecting elements together form a configurable unit that is perfect for individual training or training in small groups.

HD Elite is important for strength training and can be done in a group. Group training with the HD Elite Rack provides intensive training with serious challenges that promotes teamwork.

The name probably gives it away, but Hammer Strength Select focuses on performance-oriented strength training.

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