About Us

Hello, I'm Jens Fenstermacher. I'm staying on Lady Bug Drive, Brooklyn, NY. Because I wanted to make my hobby my job, I followed the necessary training so that I can now call myself a nutrition expert and personal trainer. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to guide people to the muscular body they always wanted.
For me, it doesn't stop with a strong body. It's also about feeling good and healthy. This way you get the most out of your workouts, making you feel even better. A positive feedback loop where you feel that your body is rewarding you for your efforts so that you are eager to train again.

With gohealthup.com I hope to inform and motivate people to get the most out of their bodies. I do this on the basis of substantiated and proven advice that comes from the elite from the bodybuilding world and science.

In my view, anyone can gain muscle without using banned substances, such as anabolic steroids. In the long term, such substances cause a lot of (irreparable) damage, while they are not necessary to gain muscle.

I will never encourage the use of prohibited substances on this website (and in my book). In fact; I will advise you against this at all times.

With the help of the right training method, training schedules, training exercises, nutrition, rest, and mindset, our body is perfectly capable of transforming itself into a bundle of muscles within a short time.
I hope you can get the inspiration and motivation from this site to get started with your body.

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